Ezekiel Frank Veli Pasivirta

One Day, I would like to smoke my pipe indoors while listening to slow, quiet music. Like the Hilliard Ensemble's new songbook. It is weird, but hauntingly beautiful, especially "And One of the Pharisees" it is an amazing setting of when the woman washed Jesus' feet with her hair, but the pharisees judged him for letting her touch him. outstanding. words can't get near how it sounds, so I won't try. if you get the chance, listen to it.

Zeke is turning One tomorrow, how crazy is that. A YEAR! he's walking around, he climbed up on the couch the other day, and he's babbling away. Its still awesome. Its still tiring like crazy, he still keeps us up a bit at night, but whatever, it'll end. in twenty years. (the being kept awake bit) today I was sort of singing with him, and he would sing-song back to me bap! so cute.

I finished my score study a few minutes ago, which marks the end of one of the busier weeks of my life. Did I mention I am looking forward to reading break? goodness.

and I really like google buzz. we'll see what happens, but I like it.

I broke ANOTHER spoke the other day, so I had them re-spoke my whole wheel. One of these days I will just have to get a better road bike. I rode my mountain bike to school, man, it felt like a cadillac, so soft and plush. I might sell it, and then get another one once we are back on the mainland. but not a lot of demand for such a bike here.

Happy Birthday to my awesome little man!


RW said...

Happy Happy birthday to your first born!

elizabeth said...

Many Years!!! 1 year old already! Wow!