reflections on a year, perhaps a decade.

the first thing to say is that I reflect less and watch tv more. an interesting development to say the least. when I was in school, I didn't have time to watch tv, so I became quite self righteous about my lack of knowing what was happening in the world of tv, so I have spent the last while catching up.

I spent a few summers far flung, places like massachusetts, timmins, smithers, ukraine, okanagan, california, montana. I managed to hitch-hike a few times, nothing serious. I rode my small-ish motorcycle to ontario one summer.

I finished two degrees.

I became orthodox.

I visited a monastery.

I became a husband and then a father.

I remembered what I want to be when I grow up, a choir teacher in high school, and I will start the next decade (a year and a bit from now) by finishing that school session, I might even get another degree, depending where I finish. I have applied to finish my B.Ed at UBC, but I am accepted at UVIC already.

I hiked, fished, hunted, surfed, mountain biked, and read. boy did I read.

I would say of all of these things, the most important moment of the last decade was becoming orthodox, it, more than anything else, changed the direction of my life.

So there you have it, August 16th 2005. my moment of the decade.

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elizabeth said...

it is a huge change in direction to become orthodox! We are 1 year and 1 week apart it seems - for me it was august 8 2004.

blessed next year!