Well, it was bound to happen.
I feel as though I am now a Man, and I ought to act like it. Be organized, learn how to transpose properly in case I ever teach band, learn as much as I possibly can, because once I am actually teaching, there's a lot riding on it.
I am in school, and I feel like I am about to hit Flow and not stop til it all lets go in April. have you heard of Flow? It's an Ed term I think, maybe Psych, where you are at optimal learning to doing to new stuff ratio (or something) and you lose track of time because you are in the moment, the zone, everything just flows. I feel like I am about to grab a moving train, and its going to take me pretty quickly to these places and I will look back in a few years and be surprised. we'll see.
Lord have mercy, bring it on.

and the title of the post, Professional, is my word of the year. I am one who makes a claim of being an expert, I Profess that I know what I am talking about when it comes to music, specifically teaching music to high school students. If I profess such a thing, I better get it together.
I am also a lover of music, but I have left the realm of amateur by claiming to be one who knows. not that I get paid much yet.


it is also my goal, to live more professionally. to do things right. I finally got real cycling pants and am about to get a jacket, and bike everywhere so we don't use the old horse as much. our car is an old horse. everything. church, cycling, work, school, music, flow, yoga, family, everything. professional.


RW said...

good word David.
grab those moments and appreciate them -
so very good to have you with us - although I feel we barely talked...

elizabeth said...

yeah. hmmm what would my word for the year be... have to think of that.

not a bad word, professional though I admit I felt bummed once I was actually one. Well some to the time. Some of the time it was great... you're on a great path with teaching I think and being professional in that context would not be so bad!