On Being a Teacher, future tense.

I can't wait.

Every day, I am involved in thinking about how I will be a teacher, because I am taking education classes and reading all sorts of boring, not very heady, literature. Articles that are very practical, but not very exciting like my aesthetics or existentialism of yesteryear. but anyways, I keep on thinking about what it will be like to be a teacher, and I can't wait, I am so excited, but also thrilled at the prospect of how it is going to force me to be a better more responsible person. I am already much more organized than I have been in the past, and I will have to own that and make it a normal reality.
I even look forward to the possibility of doing musicals, which is something that I never did when I was younger.
I can't actually remember the main point I was going to make, but I am very very excited for becoming a teacher.

I have started looking into my practicum, and if I have my druthers, it will be in Fort Langley, because they have a fantastic choral program there.

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RW said...

and we would oh so love that!