Dear People

I do not hate you, nor does God.

recently, I am in the middle of a discussion with a friend at school, and she, knowing I am a christian, said "...but God hates fags, doesn't He?" and then she sort of quoted Romans, which says something completely different, but nevermind the interpretive jump.
What I want to say here totally sidesteps the argument. I hope.
(and I have a few readers who will correct me if I am wrong, please)
If you are not a Christian, why does it matter what the Christian code of conduct is? First of all, God loves everyone, and I agree with the bible that Men and Women fit together. That is a very loose translation. but there are SO many other things in the bible, nobody should be as hung up on this as everyone seems to be. Great, you're Gay. fantastic, how was your day? what did you eat for supper? I know sexuality is a big deal, but there are a lot of heterosexual people who find their identity in their sexuality (see a recent XKCD comic) and that is just as annoying or immature. I am not worried about who you are or aren't sleeping with or if they are the same or different from you.
A teacher recently pointed out that undergraduate students seem to equate ideas (maybe ideologies) with personal value or identity. If I disagree with your veganism, oil consumption, womens studies scholarship, unitarian church, islam, judaism, protestantism, liberalism, fundamentalism, or ANY other idea or practice, it doesn't mean I hate you, or that we can't sit and drink a beer together, or that you will be a bad teacher.
Now, you should all realize that none of my friends who are Gay have said anything to me about this, so perhaps they don't feel this way, but its kind of funny, I feel judged because I am a Christian. So all of this to say, Yes, I am a Christian, NO, I am not a hater. I don't even dislike people based on what they do in the bedroom.

Also, even if Christians like myself read in the bible that being Gay is not what we were made for (not getting into the evolution/creation debate here either,)that doesn't mean that my interpretation and beliefs should affect you in the least, because its all up to the individual, right? Now, if you want to be a Christian, and actively Gay, then you are doing some interpretive tricks that are really more of a philosophical problem (at least at the outset) than a spiritual one.

the short version is this: Christians behave a certain way (ha) or try to.
If you are not a Christian, and don't plan on being one, why would the Christian worldview matter?


TeresaAngelina said...

Thanks,David; I enjoyed this. Read your frustration and sorry, had to laugh. Quite right you are. :)

theresia said...

"If you are not a CHRISTIAN...."
It's the old tactic of someone who cannot logically defend his/her position on issues:
go out and "bark" loudly,i.e. use personal put downs, unrelated quotes etc., so the other person gets intimidated and you appear to be in a position of strength.
I suspect that this tactic is actually used out of a deep seated sense of ENVY of the the Christian who, through questioning, study and prayer has gained access to the mysterious world of faith, inaccessible to the non believer.
Similarly, remember the grandstanding and put downs brought forward in high school poetry class by those who "didn't get it" to intimidate poetry lovers?

Джосина Ксения said...

I enjoyed this post as well. It was nice to read something tolerant. I don't agree with all the anti-homosexuality rhetoric that gets tossed around by Christians (and other religions). Teaching tolerance is extra important now because of the prevalence of endochrine disrupters in the environment that have the potential to disrupt hormone production. Its biology, not personal choice.