Date Night

Laurenn and I got to have a little date tonight, Laurenn's mom is here for a couple of nights, so she looked after zeke while we went across the street to have a little bonfire. we are fortunate to live across the street from the ocean (!) so we went to a little hidden spot where no one could see the fire and tried to burn wet driftwood. It took forever but we got a little fire going. It was nice, we just had a breath of stillness, a short chat, and it was really nice. I can't wait until we can all go camping as a family. teach zeke to play with fire properly. maybe go fishing. it will be quiet. I like the quiet more these days. though I think we will have open house again soon. details to come.


RW said...

It is good to make the time to be together.

elizabeth said...

ah the ocean. I have not seen it since I left in 2003.... I am glad you had this time with your beloved.