In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king

Zeke has started to walk, its pretty incredible. I have a little video on my phone, but I need the micro SD card, when I get that back, I will put a little video up here. I can't find my point and shoot digital, its a panasonic lumix, perhaps one of you saw it somewhere on the mainland, or maybe in seattle, anyways, we have much less video to show off at this point. Anyways. He took his first steps in church. which I think was excellent. we were all quite shocked, not expecting him to walk nearly this soon and we are of course, very proud, even though perhaps our actions have nothing to do with his growth and development, we still like to take credit for it, secretly. but honestly, I have no idea. did I mention I don't like competition? I am such a sucker for it, and I think it is so unchristian, so forgive me if I sound competitive. It's not about comparing, just about good and bad, ultimate things, not better or worse than you. which, like I said, I am prone to.
In other news, Zeke is sick and kind of inconsolable. its a bummer. he is a hurtin unit, squealing in the way that says "Dad, I don't get it, this is pain like I have never felt before, why do I suffer so?" or "Mom, why aren't you fixing this broken glass on the throat thing that is happening here?" anyways, its weird because it comes and goes, but I was sick a few days ago, and now Laurenn and Zeke have the sore throat, but its a short cold I think. At least Its not the H1N1, my boss has that, but she has stayed far away from work, thankfully.
we will be visiting the mainland again soon for a good while, we should be able to see a few people, and I am working at the butcher shop again for a few days, so that will be fun.
Also, we have decided to make hard cider at home, it's incredibly easy, and relatively inexpensive, I think the gear we each bought cost us a few dollars, on top of the ten dollar bottle of cider, its a pretty sweet deal and very crafty feeling for a large bottle of christmas hooch. what a word, hooch.

anyways, we'll see some of you soon, which is sweet.


elizabeth said...

oh no; hope you find your camera!!

How exciting about Zeke's first steps!! so soon!! can't wait to see that video :)

hope he feels better soon; enjoy the Christmas hooch!

Callie said...

Your baby kicks other babies' butts.
(I hate competition too)