tough city

I really look forward to listening to the new CBC Canadian Songquest album. I heard some snippets, and I love some of the musicians. I think Radio 2 Drive is really beginning to reveal a canadian cultural identity that is either just emerging, or just being discovered. But I think it is there. I suppose it could be also that I am growing up and used to want to identify myself with commercial culture, and now I find it abhorrent, is that a word? Commercial radio makes me ill, but I love all of the good music I discover when listening to radio 2 in the morning and in the afternoon. The classical stuff is fine, but I already have a pretty good understanding of where I want to go with my art music time.
I can't wait to be a teacher. I look forward to experimenting with popular music in the classroom, digital media, social media and its ability to unite groups. Today I was thinking about how I could have a contest where kids would have bands and they would have to recruit a songwriter from outside the group, where perhaps it's the outcasts who don't have a voice but have a lot to say who would be better equipped to communicate with music and words. I find I have no motivation to write lyrics, though I love being creative with music, because I am so comfortable with words, regardless of my facility with them. I find Dave Matthews, one of my favourite songwriters, to be not very articulate when he speaks in public (perhaps a variety of factors are involved) but his songwriting is excellent in that it conveys little moments in ways that I think are rare among successful musicians. It also has to do with the chemistry of the band. But I digress, I want to show students that music and creating together can bring unexpected people into a creative process that binds in ways not much else can.
Liturgy, the work of the people, is meant to be like that. When we work together to create beauty as an offering to God, we are bound together in a non-physical way. A spiritual bond is made when we work together on something that is a spiritual offering. We all have different reasons (motives) for being in church, but we go there. I think the worst thing when it comes to church is apathy, not apatheia. Lacking in passion in the western sense. I am having a hard time with church these days, and I think it is largely because we don't have choir practices. I miss everything about the practices, the community, the awkwardness, the progress. I miss the difficult times because it is exactly those difficult times that brought us closer together, that showed us we could trust each other with vulnerability. Better yet, the musical progress made it so exciting to be working together, challenging each other.
I can't exactly remember where I was going with all of this, but I really miss choir practices.

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elizabeth said...

hmmmmm... lots of thoughts here.

I feel like your dream of teaching is making you feel alive... am happy for you.

hope you can have choir practices again at church; the choir is super important esp. in an Orthodox church...

community is important; lots of adjustments when you have a baby but things come together again community wise... I have seen it here... the first little bit I do not see my newly mother and father freinds (or newly again if with second etc) but then the baby grows a bit and begins to sleep...

things fall apart at times but they can also converge again.

You are cared for in the in-between times where everything can seem a great effort.