Port Townsend

We returned home from our weekend away in Port Townsend. It was a fabulous weekend, very relaxing and an excellent time to catch up with old friends. The three men involved had spent a fateful weekend together on the sunshine coast, hiking and enjoying nature and also happened to meet the monks for the very first time. It was a weekend sometime in August of 2005 I believe, perhaps even near august 6th. I can't remember exactly, but it was great. we three had fun then, and I remember talking about how we should find a way to have a weekend like this in the future with our wives, and we did! It only took four years, but it was great. We are all married, and there are two babies, and a lot of different thoughts have passed through our heads over the years. We had worked together on the newspaper at TWU, and it was less a newspaper and more an intellectual excercise, a bi-weekly jr sort of peer review publication, involving all sorts of genres, but excelling in general and giving us a taste for creative pursuits that had themes and possibilities. I am sort of rambling, but we really enjoyed working together. They live in seattle now, and we in Victoria, so Port Townsend was a great middle ground.
We played games, we talked about important issues, like babies, church, vegetables, weather, man it was windy while we were there.
It was kind of weird to be so far away, but only drive for about an hour. The ferry we took leaves from downtown victoria, which means we drove for about ten minutes and then took a ferry for about an hour and a half, and then drove for another hour, and we were there. Weird. But the town of port townsend is really cool, very picturesque, lovely buildings, a nice antique store to get lost in, and a great food co-op. I have been working both friday and saturday nights this shift, which has been a bummer, no trips away, but next semester will have me super busy, so I don't know what will happen.
We miss our families, I had a great chat with my sister on the phone today.
This is a string of random things, but there you have it. we are going to watch less TV.
I really like samcro. If you know what that is great, but if not, don't worry about it. I am also really enjoying my terry pratchett books. what a clever writer.
I think I mentioned this before, but I don't remember. We have decided not to go to montreal. I even decided not to take the test, because I loved my time in band class so much the other day that I know I need to be a teacher. So I will do my practicum in the lower mainland and eventually we will go back there to work. In the meantime, we have to deal with living across the street from the ocean. ah well, you can't win em all.


RW said...

i especially like the bits about coming back to the lower mainland and being a teacher.

mujalifah said...

Good to hear you made it back all in one piece. Thanks again for meeting up with us in PT.

elizabeth said...

Sounds like some good times were had.

Glad you are going to seek to be a teacher. I think you will be a great one.

Callie said...

Don't leave!!!!