in the key of Grrrrrr

well, today is a grouchy day.

One of my teachers is using interesting techniques in her pedagogy class. She is teaching us how to teach, we have ten minute moments with which to teach a class of grade six band students. Except that the students are actually university music majors who are much quicker to pick up their instruments, and already know what 3/4 time is.
I think it is a terrible idea to take this class concurrent with a class that covers the same material but in a REAL context. I love teaching the actual middle school students, because they react like real people because they ARE real people. It's really hard to take it seriously. ah well.
In other news, I have an interview next monday for a job in Abitibi, of all places, which is like the boondocks of quebec, I don't think there is an orthodox church too near by, so I don't know that we would go, but we'd consider it I think. It's a pretty good job.
I spoke french today with the lady who was driving the bus (it's raining, so I wuss out on part of my bike ride) and it was great, I think my french is improving, but its nigh impossible to tell. we'll see. She said the test is easy, her sister worked for the feds in Ottawa and needed an english course, I would happily take a french course while there.
I love Victoria, but I would also love to pay off debt faster. It's all about the benjamins baby.

I had a hermannator last night, I forgot what that was like. It is an experience. It is very dark, and strong. It hits pretty hard, but not on the palate, I find. But you really couldn't drink more than a few, unless you were out in the rain at backyard fire, in winter. or perhaps the snow.

A demain, je vais aller a habit pour parler le francais avec un amis qui aussi est pratique le francais pour les examens meme que moi, mais j'ai les examens dans le 17 Novembre. Cette semaine, je voyager a www.flashcardexchange.com beaucoup, parce que il y a beacoup des cartes de eclair de francais.

Bon soir!

(I doubt very much that my grammar is perfect, or even close, just a little caveat)


Victoria said...


really good language learning site.

abitibi? is that place real? sheesh. sounds as fictional and surreal and funny as timbuktu. krikey. gotta follow the money. I get that. and it wouldn't be forever, right? that which doesn't kill us, and all that, eh?
bonne chance, mon ami, and may the Lord's will be done.

elizabeth said...

yeah. livemocha is great. Funny, we are of two different places; I am so not wanting to leave where I am and so am trying to learn French to stay; you are trying to learn french to leave. hmmm.

all I can say about debt and money (I have quite the student debt) is that when I made good money (and I did for two years) I was no happier. Matter a fact, if the work is a toxic enviroment (had that too, twice) it is so not worth the extra $$. though I admit it was nice.

Now I just hope at the end of my French learning that I can find a job that is more suitable (my first job was the best, all of them I loved the work itself, but some of them were full of unhappy stressed pressured people)... As a woman in an airport said to me once, when I ran so hard that I practically puked to not miss a plane (it was my Aunt's birthday that night and I wanted to be there), Life's Too Short.... Well. I must agree, but am glad I got to go to my Aunt's birthday party.

being without a church and the Eucharist - I can't imagine.

Praying for you!!

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