decisions etc

Sometimes its hard to figure things out, like, what to do in life.
The other day, I had another opportunity to conduct the band, its a middle school band, and I LOVED it! with exclamation points! It was great, so it makes me think that maybe I should just suck it up and finish school regardless of what happens with the job in montreal (or abitibi, for that matter)
but who knows.
In other news, my Dad is having an opening of his photos at On The Rise Gallery on south granville. I am very proud of him. He has been doing very well with photography lately, and this is evidence that I am not just saying that. He will have an entire wall of his work displayed. If you can make it, check it out. On The Rise, South Granville, all month long. Opening night is tomorrow night, wine and cheese. Check it out if you can.
oh, and the swell is coming on friday, if things go well, I might just get up on the board this time.


RW said...

very cool about your dad's exhibit

for what it is worth - i think you'd make a great teacher

good luck surfing.

elizabeth said...

Have fun surfing!

sweet about your Dad's exhibit!!

I also think you would be a great teacher; I would want you if I had the courage to stay in choir!! :)

Victoria said...

there are moments in teaching when you just know that's what you're supposed to be doing.