Video/Other News

A Video I made a few years back while doing my undergrad at TWU.

In other news, there is no other news. I will just have to wait until next week to find out when I can take the french test.

In reality, we never expected them to offer me the job, which is partly why we never really talked about it. That, and we have learned to not talk about possibilities before they become reality. But the reason we never expected an offer was because my french is mediocre, passable, but maybe not up to working with the french speaking public standards. we'll see.

OH, and this is rich. Yesterday, they asked me where I live, because if I live in Quebec, they can set up a test quickly. Where do I live? are you kidding? they offered me a job without realizing where I live? very unprofessional.


elizabeth said...

Wow. Crazy. Love the video.

The whole thing sounds unprofessional - who does a phone job offer and start date without making sure everything is done first. Stessful and crazy.

My prayers.

Victoria said...


Callie said...

You might want to be careful about complaining until this fully goes down...