swear words


Dear Friends, this post has been edited for confidentiality's sake.



Zach Bulick said...

Ah, chaos! Hang in there D/L/&Z!!! Remember to breathe amidst the unknowing.

Victoria said...

arg! stupid government!
bonne chance, et j'espere tout works out.

elizabeth said...

yeah. government is not strait forward. my prayers for the best thing for you and your family, whether it is staying there or moving. I know personally how hard it is to live with such uncertainty.

TeresaAngelina said...

Oh David! I'd only heard about this myself yesterday and was so excited for you. I am always grateful when "stuff happens" that I know that God knows the why's and wherefore's. Praying.

kimberley francis said...

well we love you so much either way.

RW said...

what kimberley said.

Schmidty said...

wow - sounds like a roller coaster - that's for sure. Stick it out, you never know what will happen. Be at peace - whatever happens.

Andrew Seraphim said...

Fuck me. That's nuts.
There's a swear for ya.


biss said...

Hmmm. Uncertainty.
Never heard of it.

Keep lovin' God.