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I just love this picture so much, and I miss these guys a lot. Its been since this day that we were last all together, I think, and that is far too long. Life has morphed in many ways for all of us, we all look a little different, not much.

Last night, zeke had this crazy sounding sore throat, where every time he would breathe when he was lying down, it sounded like a dry cough. We fixed him up with some steam, and a better position to sleep in, but at first it was really scary. It was the first time I was scared for him. He falls and bumps his head sometimes, and he cries, and its tough, but I kind of laugh and comfort him and tell him it will be okay, because a little bump and a few seconds of crying is not a big deal, but last night he was scared and in pain, and it really really sucked.
he's a little better now and he got some good sleep, so I am not as worried. Being a parent changes your perspective on things in a way that nothing else ever could.


RW said...

yep it does.
your heart will never be the same.
the ache you feel when your children suffer is 100x worse than when you suffer yourself.

Victoria said...

having children, I heard somewhere, "is like having your heart forever walking around outside your body"

elizabeth said...

I love that picture; I remember seeing it ... so many years ago now... strange how time goes by...

Q. still does that head tilt! I had yet to met him and I have yet to meet Gabe though I have heard lots about him. Funny how church families can be families even those we have not met!

I can only imagine what it would feel like to have your child be sick. Hope he gets fully better soon.

I enjoyed this post...

biss said...

Oh man. I hope Zeke's better now. Watching a sick kid rips your heart out (the part that's left, that is).

Where are you guys these days?