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So last night, in church, a man told me that "These are our prayers, and if you don't know them and try to sing along, you mock God" which I thought was odd. I didn't think I was singing that poorly, but I was kind of humming and didn't know the translations. But I was also singing that one harmony in Tone 1 that really gives it its zazz, and maybe he couldn't hear the harmonies properly. anyways, it was weird. I couldn't believe a guy I have never met would talk to me like that. I mean, how un-canadian, and he really was quite canadian, ie, no audible accent. (and I have a good ear)

Anyways. It was weird. It also caused a bit of a row on facebook, but it was all good. I really like having discussions, and am all for being told the other side of things. My problem with this guy last night was how he said it. If he had quietly pointed out that usually people who sing, sing in the choir, and maybe I should go over there, I would have disagreed, but got the point, and been quiet. I just don't like being told to shut up when singing in church. Its...weird.

I watched duck hunting on TV this morning at work, and was thinking about things I can do with Zeke when he gets older, I would love to have a motorcycle for him that we can work on, slowly, a super cheap little bike that he can ride around when he gets his licence (so I don't have to drive him everywhere) but also because doing projects like that is really cool. I made a model with my dad when I was super young and it was really fun. I also just put a new distributor in my car, and while I have not grown up feeling mechanically inclined, wrenches are not that complicated. It's either push or pull.

just about 1/3 of the way through a year of not smoking at all. the frequency of mentioning it is going down, but I still think about it. clearly I am not physically dependant on it, but also evidently I am emotionally attached to the idea. more likely it is the image. one night Gabe and James and I all had G&T's and cloves, and took some photos and wandered to 7-11 when we all lived on eastleigh, it was very high school.

L and Z are on the mainland, and have been since wednesday. I thought that I would have fun, doing all the things I want to do but am too busy to do, but really, I just miss them and wish they were back here so I could do those things with them. It is like someone took the salt away from my life. I am fine, but everything tastes bland and I would rather be with them and tired, than alone and sort of tired. I did go to yoga again, which was awesome. and I doddled my way home from work and had a terrible free espresso at discovery, which is generally one of the best in town. I saw Chris there, which was cool. I stopped at a few garage sales, but nothing like the previous week where I got a free bike. fantastic.
today I miss church while on the ferry, which is too bad. but I get to see my family, and for that, I am very excited. very. vferry. puns like that don't work online as well.

and I just found yet another childhood friend on the ol facebook. one of my fort building, skateboarding, black hair dying buddies. good times.

Happy Turkey!

one more thing. I know I whine a lot, but its because I want the truth to win out. When it comes to my life, and I am reflective, I know I have nothing to complain about. I have a beautiful wife and son, and really, what is better than that? Nothing.


elizabeth said...

sigh. Someday I would like what it is like to be Canadian.

Sounds like a really ackward incident - I would of taken this really hard too, esp. if I was as you are and super musically inclined (I am not that good but usually can at least hear if things are off key).

I think it is so cool that you miss your family like you do / did and your description of it as missing the salt in life is really lovely.

Happy Thanksgiving!

RW said...

I don't hear the whine so much but I hear you searching and asking the questions.

I too, like the description that someone took your salt away.