Well. we're moving.

Montreal, here we come.

we're excited and sad. Happy to finally have been offered a federal government job, saddened to leave behind a treasure trove of beautiful people. It makes me cry when I think about that part. There are so many people that I really don't want to be that far away from.
But excited at the adventure, the challenge, the opportunity.
but we're sad too. we'll miss you.

pray for us.


elizabeth said...

My prayers.

RW said...

we will miss you.

Victoria said...

what an adventure though!
you have to hook up with Stephen Young, and Natalia ___. (can't remember her last name)
they just moved there to go to McGill, and they're looking for orthodox friends.

matushkadonna said...

So glad we got to see you guys at Thanksgiving! We'll pray for your move this Saturday at prayers to the Theotokos. Many years....hope you love it there, but sure hope we see you back on this coast some time too.