Imagning the Future

Clever title eh?

So, I know you haven't even had time to comment on the last one, but here's another ramble.
Imagine if the future has national boundaries that are drawn on ideological lines.

the example is this:
All of the people who are neo-luddites like C. Townsend et al and don't like technology and its dehumanization of everything band together, buy a chunk of land somewhere in the nether regions of Montana or Southeastern BC and set up their own country. It would be small, the size of a city, but there would be no internet and everything would be grown locally and made locally. I know it sounds utopian, but wait, there's more.
Other nations would be based on things like brand identity, Appleland and Blackberria could have annual tech wars. like color wars, only different.
imagine the possibilities.


Victoria said...

I want both.

matushkadonna said...

kind of like a 21st century version of Gulliver's Travels.

elizabeth said...

I'm with Victora. That and I am a bit hooked on the internet, though I must say I love my parent's cabin that has no electricity at all...