Grey Whale

I was surfing yesterday, at Sombrio beach, and there was a grey whale in the water near us. like 50 yeards, maybe 70 yards, it was really one of the coolest experiences I think ever. I mean, I have seen whales from boats before, but only once, and to have this whale who was kind of hanging around while we surfed, words don't properly describe it. Q always calls them effing majestic, and its true. Majesty is a word we don't often use except in church, and I think for good reason. but this whale, though I think a juvenile, was majestic. peaceful.
I am really not much of a surfer, I really don't know what I am doing, but the people I was with, didn't care, we were all out there, having a blast, and then this whale pops up and says hi. it was beautiful.

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elizabeth said...

Yep. have also heard Q saying such.

What a cool experience. A real mercy.