Zeke at Sombrio

Zeke at Sombrio
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"Mom and Dad, you've been holding out on me! What is this glorious thing I am sitting on?"..."Sand? awesome! I am going to eat it, and wear it, and throw it, and pretty much everything I can think of. what? we're leaving? Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!"

you should have seen the whale.

Surfing on the west coast of Vancouver Island, mysterious hand injury coincides with sighting a grey whale. but you should see the other guy. (okay, it was barnacles) but we had a lot of fun, even though I still don't know how to surf well, or at all really, but like I said, it was an amazing experience. Totally glad that my buddy Ian from school had gear to lend me.

Grey Whale

I was surfing yesterday, at Sombrio beach, and there was a grey whale in the water near us. like 50 yeards, maybe 70 yards, it was really one of the coolest experiences I think ever. I mean, I have seen whales from boats before, but only once, and to have this whale who was kind of hanging around while we surfed, words don't properly describe it. Q always calls them effing majestic, and its true. Majesty is a word we don't often use except in church, and I think for good reason. but this whale, though I think a juvenile, was majestic. peaceful.
I am really not much of a surfer, I really don't know what I am doing, but the people I was with, didn't care, we were all out there, having a blast, and then this whale pops up and says hi. it was beautiful.



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I just love this picture so much, and I miss these guys a lot. Its been since this day that we were last all together, I think, and that is far too long. Life has morphed in many ways for all of us, we all look a little different, not much.

Last night, zeke had this crazy sounding sore throat, where every time he would breathe when he was lying down, it sounded like a dry cough. We fixed him up with some steam, and a better position to sleep in, but at first it was really scary. It was the first time I was scared for him. He falls and bumps his head sometimes, and he cries, and its tough, but I kind of laugh and comfort him and tell him it will be okay, because a little bump and a few seconds of crying is not a big deal, but last night he was scared and in pain, and it really really sucked.
he's a little better now and he got some good sleep, so I am not as worried. Being a parent changes your perspective on things in a way that nothing else ever could.


Video/Other News

A Video I made a few years back while doing my undergrad at TWU.

In other news, there is no other news. I will just have to wait until next week to find out when I can take the french test.

In reality, we never expected them to offer me the job, which is partly why we never really talked about it. That, and we have learned to not talk about possibilities before they become reality. But the reason we never expected an offer was because my french is mediocre, passable, but maybe not up to working with the french speaking public standards. we'll see.

OH, and this is rich. Yesterday, they asked me where I live, because if I live in Quebec, they can set up a test quickly. Where do I live? are you kidding? they offered me a job without realizing where I live? very unprofessional.


swear words


Dear Friends, this post has been edited for confidentiality's sake.




Well. we're moving.

Montreal, here we come.

we're excited and sad. Happy to finally have been offered a federal government job, saddened to leave behind a treasure trove of beautiful people. It makes me cry when I think about that part. There are so many people that I really don't want to be that far away from.
But excited at the adventure, the challenge, the opportunity.
but we're sad too. we'll miss you.

pray for us.


odd/family/pumpkin beer/Bachelorhood-briefly

So last night, in church, a man told me that "These are our prayers, and if you don't know them and try to sing along, you mock God" which I thought was odd. I didn't think I was singing that poorly, but I was kind of humming and didn't know the translations. But I was also singing that one harmony in Tone 1 that really gives it its zazz, and maybe he couldn't hear the harmonies properly. anyways, it was weird. I couldn't believe a guy I have never met would talk to me like that. I mean, how un-canadian, and he really was quite canadian, ie, no audible accent. (and I have a good ear)

Anyways. It was weird. It also caused a bit of a row on facebook, but it was all good. I really like having discussions, and am all for being told the other side of things. My problem with this guy last night was how he said it. If he had quietly pointed out that usually people who sing, sing in the choir, and maybe I should go over there, I would have disagreed, but got the point, and been quiet. I just don't like being told to shut up when singing in church. Its...weird.

I watched duck hunting on TV this morning at work, and was thinking about things I can do with Zeke when he gets older, I would love to have a motorcycle for him that we can work on, slowly, a super cheap little bike that he can ride around when he gets his licence (so I don't have to drive him everywhere) but also because doing projects like that is really cool. I made a model with my dad when I was super young and it was really fun. I also just put a new distributor in my car, and while I have not grown up feeling mechanically inclined, wrenches are not that complicated. It's either push or pull.

just about 1/3 of the way through a year of not smoking at all. the frequency of mentioning it is going down, but I still think about it. clearly I am not physically dependant on it, but also evidently I am emotionally attached to the idea. more likely it is the image. one night Gabe and James and I all had G&T's and cloves, and took some photos and wandered to 7-11 when we all lived on eastleigh, it was very high school.

L and Z are on the mainland, and have been since wednesday. I thought that I would have fun, doing all the things I want to do but am too busy to do, but really, I just miss them and wish they were back here so I could do those things with them. It is like someone took the salt away from my life. I am fine, but everything tastes bland and I would rather be with them and tired, than alone and sort of tired. I did go to yoga again, which was awesome. and I doddled my way home from work and had a terrible free espresso at discovery, which is generally one of the best in town. I saw Chris there, which was cool. I stopped at a few garage sales, but nothing like the previous week where I got a free bike. fantastic.
today I miss church while on the ferry, which is too bad. but I get to see my family, and for that, I am very excited. very. vferry. puns like that don't work online as well.

and I just found yet another childhood friend on the ol facebook. one of my fort building, skateboarding, black hair dying buddies. good times.

Happy Turkey!

one more thing. I know I whine a lot, but its because I want the truth to win out. When it comes to my life, and I am reflective, I know I have nothing to complain about. I have a beautiful wife and son, and really, what is better than that? Nothing.


Imagning the Future

Clever title eh?

So, I know you haven't even had time to comment on the last one, but here's another ramble.
Imagine if the future has national boundaries that are drawn on ideological lines.

the example is this:
All of the people who are neo-luddites like C. Townsend et al and don't like technology and its dehumanization of everything band together, buy a chunk of land somewhere in the nether regions of Montana or Southeastern BC and set up their own country. It would be small, the size of a city, but there would be no internet and everything would be grown locally and made locally. I know it sounds utopian, but wait, there's more.
Other nations would be based on things like brand identity, Appleland and Blackberria could have annual tech wars. like color wars, only different.
imagine the possibilities.



well, goodness.
I don't know why I had such a questionable impression of the ROCOR church, I suppose it has something to do with the fact that we only very recently returned to official communion with them, which I find a bit odd, and to be sure the extra prayer that gives a dash of nationalism to the liturgy was a bit offensive. I am not exaggerating, I mean exactly that, it was only a mild offense, but it was offensive. It was a part of one of the litanies and it was a prayer for those in Russia and those in the Diaspora, and I think the use of the word Diaspora implies that Russia is The Homeland of the church, in the same way that a young midwesterner may be surprised to find that Jesus was in fact not a white american.
but at the same time, the name of the church says it, Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. I think it will be a long time before we get real orthodox unity, and I wonder how bad that is. Partially because the church we went to today had a definite Russian flavour, but man did I like it. I mean, I love my home church, it is my family, and I love it.
Today, we experienced serious beauty. It was serious, in that they were working on a beautiful, and I mean beautiful mosaic Pantocrator icon in their very small dome. The dome was wonderful too, a brilliant work of architecture that is hard to understand from the outside because it is so subtle and not at all dome shaped, but inside is perfectly orthodox and clearly intended that way. Anyways, it is not finished, but what is there is absolutely beautiful and serious. Professional.
When I was writing an MA thesis, a hundred years ago, one of the big themes was going to be the difference between the meaning of professional and amateur. Etymologically speaking, one who claims to be able to do something is a professional, they profess ability in a field. One who is an amateur is one who loves what they are doing, but doesn't claim a level of ability.
The whole church was set up by people who were serious and thoughtful about what they were doing, and they knew the right way to do it. There was a little strip of mosaic, halfway up the wall, simple geometric pattern, but it was classy.
The choir was prepared and very easy to understand, though the congregation didn't sing along that much, I found it quite easy to join in because they did all the familiar tones, though some translations were different ie Habitation=Commonwealth(?) But the whole thing was so well put together, everyone was quiet and serious including the kids, it sort of made me sit up and pay attention.
I was glad to visit the ROCOR church, because I had never been, and I had a bad impression which has been erased and replaced by good memories. I am sure we will go to their vespers some sunday night.