GLEE/Organic Farm/Asceticism vs Pleaure/

I have been watching GLEE, and I love it. It is somewhat formulaic, in that the show is not deep, but reflects so much of high school politics, and probably is the result of the success of the high school musical series, and the nostalgia of the genre in general, but it is capturing something that I think a lot of people are going to relate to. Now, I have said before here that I don't think competition is what Jesus had in mind, in general, at all. ok, that may be a nuanced version of what I said, but its what I was one day going to think that I meant. I don't think competition at its root is reflecting the glory of God, but creating and taking glory for ourselves, which is the essence of our screwed up world. Taking something good and instead of seeing the goodness of God in it, seeing the goodness of ourselves in it, which is actually I think a misinterpretation, which can't always be blamed on the one doing the interpreting, so thank God that he is merciful.
But this show is so entrenched in competition that it makes me cringe, but I think that's what High School is like for just about everyone, and its hilarious the way they do things, well, some things. other things make me cringe.
you know, as I write this, I wonder if I will like it by the end of the season, things that are easy to like quickly, often are too much of something, too sweet, too salty, etc, and maybe this won't last. But I am liking the struggle of the music teacher, cause that is what I will be doing soon too. I grew up and went through a music program that was fantastic, but never entered competitions, not because we really weren't excellent, my school won every category it entered at national festivals during the 80's, but our teachers thought that non competitive festivals were more focused on sharing and education, and I agree.

We found a fantastic organic farm today on our saturday family ramble, we were driving out towards sooke, and stopped at a place with a sign for eggs. They were sold out, but they took us to their HUGE garden, and cut us some chard, red onions, beans, orange peppers, tomatoes, basil, kale, zucchini, and they had strawberries that were just getting ripe, and grapes, and everything you can think of. and chickens. It was like my dream of the future. literally. you should come and see it. It was beautiful.

If monks take the road of asceticism towards holiness, does that mean that those of us who are not ascetics are meant to enjoy things that God has given us as a way of glorifying Him? I mean, I know the answer is yes, but I never thought of it as a duality, where we can say that we are categorically not ascetics. We are meant to fast, and pray, but we also have moments and opportunities to see God through the consumption of his many gifts to us, both edible and not, with which to see and reflect His glory, giving thanks in word and deed. The garden and making music are both examples of that, and I am hopeful that despite the fact that I don't feel much like I did when I talked about church a lot more, that I am still growing towards that state of being we all know we are meant for.

It was so nice to take a little family trip today, we stopped at a little fair in luxton, and eventually did find backyard eggs from an old old guy down the street from the fair, it was great. I don't get to encounter really old people much these days, it was nice.


elizabeth said...

Yeah. I have been thinking about this as well. Jesus' first mircle was making the best wine that ever was, so it cannot be all bad...

Victoria said...

nice post.
good thoughts.
I love farm fresh produce.
a small hobby farm with enough land to grow most of our own food, have a couple goats for milk... this is my dream.

M.W.G. Francis said...

Yep, Sounds like a great garden. My take is that the fasting loses its meaning without the feasting. Or, as Julia Child used to say, "everything in moderation - including moderation!"

matushkadonna said...

I saw part of a Glee episode. Funny and interesting...I suspect it will take a while to hit its stride and become something more than the sum of its parts. The potential is there.

topic 2:
Asceticism comes built into family life. There's no fasting or ascetic exercise that doesn't pale in comparison to just having to worry about your kids when they're sick. Even just a little bit sick.

Gelu said...

"Jesus' first mircle was making the best wine that ever was"

I read something that I liked: Jesus was helping the young family with their first problem... Whatever God does to us, is a miracle...

biss said...

"...but its what I was one day going to think that I meant." This is SO you. Makes me laugh and miss you.

I agree with Matushka Donna about asceticism and family life. Having a sick baby is hard hard hard. And then being sick yourself and just wanting to hole up in bed but instead you spend the day chasing after a wired but fussy kid--there's a sacrifice in that for sure. So here I am, practising my, ummm, battle against the passion to sleep and get better for the sake of, ummm, something good I'm sure.
But now she's in bed. So here I go too.