fantastic voyage

We had a great time in seattle, seeing Moses received into the church. The russian priest, Fr. Yuri, really threw down. I like his style. Poor Moses, however, was not as pleased. Fr baptized him for real, plunging him in and out of the water quite vigorously, but carefully. I loved it. I wish Fr. Lawrence had thrown me in like that. Plus, because it was built as an orthodox church, Fr. instructed them to not be weak when it came to spitting on the Devil, so J spit on him good. It was, in the truest sense, awesome.

then we had a toast to Moses, that he would grow up strong, and ate some good food while the canadian and american in-laws had a raging debate about healthcare. they almost got into the octagon ring. good times.
Also, I saw an old friend, Dmitri, who I met on a road trip on the way back from memphis with the orthodorks, and he had just married someone who I knew from T dub. small world.

but a good one.

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elizabeth said...

nice! sounds great. cool that you met up with people from before...