Facebook: Secular Heaven

Facebook is the secular heaven.

It has all the people you like right there with you all the time, and they are disembodied, but still pretty. And, you don't have to do anything to keep them there, they just float, right there in front of you, and you can even talk to them with your mind. You don't have to use your mouth. It is a spiritual community, but it is completely centered on you, because you only see what your friends are doing. They may talk to other people, but you only see them talking to people you know, so you are the center of your secular paradise. There are many images to worship, mostly your own, but there is also the divine status update to read, in case images do not fully satisfy the desires of the ego.
I think it was Ram Daas who first said it like this, Be Here Now. It's sort of an interpretation of Matthew 6:33 I think. I mean, very loosely, but it could be read that way. don't worry about tomorrow, or yesterday, or food or clothes or drink, Trust God for today, and let tomorrow be today when it gets here.
sure, it's nice to have all of those people we miss and don't see often enough right there in front of you, but man, how great would it be to talk to them directly, or better yet, visit? better/worse right.

we'll see how long I act on this/believe myself for (ie, stay off the FB)


RW said...

hey man.
if H could stay off a month - which she did by her own choice - you can too.

matushkadonna said...

where is the 'like' button for this post? :P

biss said...

It can't be _that_ heavenly. I'm not on it. ;)

elizabeth said...

Yeah. FB cannot replace live contact. That said, it is still a point of connection...

But a time and place for all.

Callie said...

my personal heaven is a little bit duller without you.

pasivirta said...

oh callie, that's sweet.
we miss you a bunch. I wish you were still here to spruce things up.
I likely will end up back on that electric thingy, but not for a bit. in any case, there's still this thing.