The Day/Choral Teaching

So today was my interview for a position in Montreal. I almost typed 'at Montreal' which I hope gives an indication of how much I have been trying to think in French and learn more, but its not an indication that I am fantastic at le langue. My Interview went really well, but because I lack a particular level of skills, I don't think there is much risk of moving or actually being offered the position. I will happily stay here and finish my schooling and become a choir teacher, there isn't much that I love in the world more than working on choral music and personal development, as I think singing is so related to personal growth.
When people are able to learn about their voice, it helps them learn about themselves. They learn who they are as people, they learn how to separate themselves from their ability, as far as value and identity is concerned. So many of us attribute our value to our ability in a certain area, but I think as a teacher of music, I will (and have had) have the opportunity to help people realize that their value lies only in ultimate and final questions, God, life, death, resurrection, etc. As a teacher it will have to remain vague, necessarily, but kids will see the truth of love in my life, and I don't worry about the rest. In other contexts, it is possible to be direct, like in church, but the people have to be open to it, which is also hard, because they are volunteers, which is different than in school, when the kids sign up to be taught.
Nonetheless, being in a choir can be very personally challenging, which is specifically why I love leading such an endeavor. It is like leading a mountain climbing expedition, someone is going to get hurt, someone won't make it to the top, but everyone comes out better for it.
Singing is such a vulnerable thing at first, which is why it is such a hard thing to deal with, it is easy for people to get hurt in the process, but because it is so vulnerable, there is such potential for beautiful creation too.
Being in a choir can be so beautiful.

In other news, open house was nice tonight, three people showed up, and we had a great talk about vaccination, we are continuously learning about when/why to vaccinate Z. we decided to wait a bit, but are learning all sorts of things on both sides, so we will see. we of course will have him vaccinated, it is just a matter of when.
I bought some cheap beer, and it was surprisingly good, maybe my tastes have changed, maybe I am going the way of the valley finn, GL, and then people won't drink my beer at new years. we'll see.
still no nicotine, which is healthy, and good, I am sure. Fr. L is my inspiration for a year of abstinence for life insurance. I remember his hardy but faithful refusal and yet his appreciation for the aroma.
Tomorrow we sell the car to a dealer, which is a good thing. They are giving us a fair price, and we are getting an old Honda, which is good, but hard to go from a brand new car to one with 200K plus KM on it. but whatever, it is what it is, and its where we are at, so there's no point in being put out by it. I think that humility is just knowing where we are, and this is where we are.
trying to live within our means.

This weekend is seattle to see J and K's baby M baptized. can't wait.

oh, and I loved Julie and Julia. best line? "You can never have too much Butter!"
we had a date when my mom came to babysit on monday, we had salmon for lunch and a lovely visit.

I love my parents.


Victoria said...

we waited to have the boys vaccinated. mostly because jonah got sick when he was pretty little (r2 virus, a nasty cold virus) at 3 weeks old that turned into bronchialitus and pneumonia. horrible. so his immune system was already compromised. we waited quite a few years. until they got them in gr.1, actually, but thinking back now, I think probably 3 or 4 would have sufficed.
en tous cas... we are praying that things work out for you guys to stay here somehow. though Montreal would be amazing, we like you here. (speaking of which, you remember Nick and Klaudia who moved to Montreal 3 years ago? they're moving back! they hate it there! go figure, eh? but I'm glad they're coming back).

you sound pretty peaceful about stuff. that's a nice place to be, eh?

Orthoal said...

Thinking of you and praying for you, David. Hoping that things come together for you soon. Al McGee

RW said...

Prayers here too.
Of course, as God Wills. but I think it would be great if you could stay... purely selfish reasons... my kids need you... around - just living your life ...

M.W.G. Francis said...

Thanks for this, David. May God lead you on a level path. We loved "Julie and Julia" too. Annika looked after Basil and we went to a matinee of it on Monday. Truly enjoyed it. But what can I say, I've been watching Julia Child since I was ten!

Callie said...

I might take myself out to see J&J this week....
Also, I'm totally in awe of your explanation about choir. I have, occasionally, thought about singing in a choir, and even occasionally joined a choir, but I ALWAYS quit when I feel vulnerable.
Strangely, I don't feel that way when I play trumpet... do you think there's something to be said about having an instrument in front of you as "mediator"?

elizabeth said...

Nice. I think you would do students a lot of good to be a teacher.

Montreal is overrated but I am a bit biased; who can beat Victoria, not that I have ever done more than visit there... (and flew back mind you in a 4 seater plane with my friend flying! now that was fun...)

all the best.