I am now a Finnish Citizen. Tervetuola!

Tim and Bethany are coming tomorrow. we have had lots of guests this month.
Since camp ended, we have hosted: AJ, Dan, James and Melanie, Kevin, Gabe, and Caroline.
I think that is all so far. Tim and Bethany are rounding out the month, which is great. we get to see them so rarely. they live in the philippines after all.
I have an interview for a job in Montreal. At least they tell me so, but je ne sais pas que j'ai plus que le langue q'il desire pour l'emplois. Et, aussi, je ne sais pas si nous desirons voyager pour trop longtemps et habites au Quebec ou a Montreal. mais, j'aime bien le Francais, et les francophonie, mais, il et un grand 'distance' de ici.
we'll see. My french is passable, but not good by any stretch of the imagination.
I don't like going to church much these days, I just go cause its the right thing to do. I mean, I don't know what else I would do. but it sure has lost its charm. no longer do I see it through rose colored glasses. this Bride of Christ we call the church has so many flaws, and I have really no way to fix them.
My friend from NYC was visiting, and he has an interesting perspective on church. In one sense, he has very strict views on how services should be done, but on the other hand, he was amazed at how strict we are about fasting, despite our renovationist approach to services. I kept on saying something about 'west coast'. but still, I think he can learn from us, and we him.
I miss smoking. It's pretty silly, but I do. I am now a life insured person, well, my policy is approved, and its a 'preferred smoker' policy, which is still silly. I mean, I get it, its a health risk, and its indulgence, and hedonistic. I don't deny it, it is pleasure seeking and bad for you. period.
but I like it.

which of course justifies it. like, the hookah session in Ottawa? Priceless memories.
q,jer,zeke z, and backgammon teacher. srsly.

anyways, now that I am an EU Citizen, I am going to see about working over in Europe, cause, honestly, why would we not go there, now that I am legally allowed to work all over the place. HOW COOL!
I want to go to Finland and learn about orthodoxy there, and maybe take more theology classes. and learn Finnish. and Russian. and French.


My summer class is almost done. I hope to go fishing again, we got 14 salmon, it was fantastic, and it made me wish I owned a boat. want to trade my car for your boat? done.


elizabeth said...

Yeah. I think the real cementing of our life in the church comes when the first blush of romance (as it were) is gone. But this is really when our hearts are being welded to the Church...

Hang in there; sounds like you have a lot going on within. This can be hard.

RW said...

life is hard.
no question.
the church supports us but I would not say it makes it easier.

M.W.G. Francis said...

Hei, David. onnittelut tulossa Suomen kansalainen!

Aina kun alkaa tuntea tavalla kuin teet nyt kirkko, olen muistuttanut, että lyyrinen n Keith Green laulua "My Eyes ovat kuivia." Se auttaa.

- Matthew

kimberley francis said...

(ah! he beat me to it! oh well I'm going to anyway... )

Hei, kummuta minun lellitellä lähimmäinen hakata we jotta se. Me aivan sisu alusta loppuun se , ja I-KIRJAIN ajatella puijata on jotta kohtuullinen muistaa vähäinen määrä kakara sisäpuolella joka osata kuinka hyvin he's läheisimpämme luona Jumala. Olemassaolo joten seura- , ihmiset monesti panna kotona elämäntapa -lta hartaushetki. It's ankara jotta hankkia hiljaisuus hei?

elizabeth said...

I like those lyrics to the Keith Green song. I also like it that I can tranlate other languages with the google language tool. :)

pasivirta said...

ovat tienneet Google Translator oli minulle halpaan on vähän, että olet Francises jotenkin tiesi Suomen. Miten olen jäänyt tämä seikka? ja sitten, onneksi, Elizabeth valaistunut minulle. very cool.
myös, kiitos Aion tarkistaa kappaleen. Rakastan Keith Green, hänen tarinansa oli hyvin innostava minulle, kun olin undergrad, (kai olen jälleen samassa tilanteessa) mielestäni tietää, et ole yksin on todella keskeinen.

elizabeth said...

Yep. Yea! I showed you something new! I used this (there was or is also another one called babblefish) in my work in Ottawa since I do not know French! Very useful!

I've been listening to your play list btw (almost wrote prayer list, anyway...)

a friend enlighted me that to her MGMT sounds like soft-punk; it seems very much in line with this century; fun songs with (esp. the pretend song) despair in the lyrics.

Take good care Dave. If Holland had not changed thier rules, I would of tried to get EU as well. Then I would have US, Canada and EU. Would of been sweet. Ah well...