There's this great false assumption out there, or maybe in here, that people who share one or two things of significance in common, such as a belief or similar style of bike or preference in music, are much more similar than in reality.

I assume this about many people who are orthodox. I used to do it much more intensely than before, but I know I still do it.

I thought that of course everyone who was orthodox would at least try to be vegetarian, because eating meat, while not morally wrong, is unnecessary (for some) and it would be a step towards self discipline. I used to think that everyone wanted to fast hard, and that if we were all cranky at each other, we would understand because we were all fasting fairly intensely. I used to think that we should all be monks, or at least try to live like them, and that everyone thought this way, ie, wanted to live like the monks.

I used to think everyone who was orthodox was somewhat socialist. NOT communist, but socialist. but I find myself becoming more of a capitalist, in one sense. Here, in north america, there is so much food for poor people that we enable laziness and 'so-called' poverty. I have two jobs, my second job is pedalling a bicycle around with people on the back. I have a master's degree. If I had to work at Rotten Ronnie's to feed my family, I would. Thank God that is not too likely. when people really need help, great, let's love them fully, but so many people are just not working because they don't have too. but at the same time, come to my house tonight so I can give you some blackberry crumble (as long as there are still blackberries waiting to be picked across the street at the park) I want to share, and I want nothing in return, well, maybe a little company.

in any case, Z and I are going to the park to pick berries. see you this evening,


elizabeth said...


assume - making an ass out of U and Me

so easy to do.

I am more and more convinced that our ideas of what is normal or right are also based on where we live; West Coast - often gronola. Other places - not as much. Both seem their stance as the norm. Place, it really has a part in our understanding of things.

I used to fast more and now find that for health reasons I can no longer do so (with my spiritiual father's blessing of course). I have met people in church for various reasons who really cannot fast at all. They are WAY more holy than I...

our perspectives change as we grow in our conversion; may we keep growing.

Have a great time tonight!

RW said...

some interesting thoughts here.

Stacy said...

I'm addicted to facebook and want to click on the "like" button.

Kudos, David.