smoking~school~green tea

well, we are getting life insurance, so we can't smoke anymore. no cloves, no pipe, not even that sweet cigar my uncle gave me. we are going to get life insurance anyway, but it is going to have to be the smoker rate since we smoked cloves in ontario and at the Canada day party. I remember Fr. L not smoking anything for a year for the same reason, which is cool, but...something in me, maybe a very unhealthy part of me, is saying 'Noooooooooo!' but I think it is a really unhealthy part, so I will say fine, and my will will be glad for it.
I watched lost and napped today, not much of a saturday, but I found a bike, I just have to get it and deal with it, but the price is right, so I can wait.
I did a test last week, one of my classes is 2/3rds over, and I feel like I have barely started. I gotta get on that.
I am on a green tea kick, iced green tea that is. I am all about it.
Camp is next week, L is going to sask. for a bit, Gabe is returning the week after, and I am going to camp for one day, to do the hike, which I am so excited for.
I know I said it before, but we had such a great time in Ontario. the Z's and the S's and the relatives were all so great. check out the pics on flickr, I will put one up here too.

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RW said...

I am liking iced green tea too these days.