I have been watching too much tv lately. Time to stop.

I am going to a funeral tomorrow, first ever orthodox funeral. Our friend Horst, passed away on saturday. I was not especially close to him, but he was one of those old guys in church who was always there, he was close friends with the monastery as well. Keep him in your prayers and his family and friends.

I am tired. I love life, but I have been living too much too quickly. It is time for silence, peace, slowness, hopefully some yoga, and less work. kabuki kabbing wouldn't be so bad, but its so clearly a business. how is that for a veiled critique.

anyways, lately it has just not been worth it. so we'll see.

in other news, I am enjoying school, and will get to see Tim and Bethany in August, so that is good.

zeke is huge and so so adorable.

come to our open house on tuesday, we'll be back from vancouver.


Juliana said...

I went to my first Orthodox funeral a few months ago. It was so different from any other funeral I've been to; a deeply moving experience. Sorrowful joy.

elizabeth said...

I have found the Orthodox funerals to be the highest expression of grief and healing.

biss said...

I have no comment other than to say this: My word verification is "basking."