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I just discovered the new fluevog cbc shoe, and I want it. I haven't been much of a style guy in the past, but Marriage has a way of changing things.

I finally made some money doing kabuki kabs, so that is cool, it was very encouraging. Some friendly folks from cincinatti let me tour them around old town and chinatown, so that was cool. I am reading a book about victoria so I will know more stuff to talk about. honestly, I think doing a 'tour' is a bit kooky, but if folks want a tour, I will give them one. no problem. that, and victoria is beautiful and maybe you just wouldn't know what to look at otherwise.

I have started to read Ghandi's autobiography. he calls it "The Story of My Experiments With Truth"and it is quite amazing. he was not actually a proponent of non-violence, strictly speaking. His word is Satyagraha, which means 'soul force' or 'love force'. The idea is that instead of using force to stop violence, one would inflict violence on onesself in order to stop violence. not so much like Ed Norton in fight club, but more like Ghandi allowing himself to be attacked or going on a hunger strike, in order that the attacker will recognize the truth of his or her actions. Because the problem with violence is that people delude themselves and pretend that either it isn't violent, or that the person isn't a person, they are an enemy combatant or a fetus. when the person inflicts violence on themselves, it is easier ( I suppose) to see that they are human, which is why this practice worked on the british empire. ok, a large part of this is conjecture because I haven't read much of the book yet, but I am really liking it. Fr. G is heavily influenced by Ghandi and Lanza Del Vasto, and I am also reading 'the sails of the ark'

Ghandi and Fluevog, hand in hand on my blog. John would be proud, and I think Ghandi would enjoy talking to Fluevog, despite disagreeing expensive shoes.

we are moving again, stupid landlords. I am so fed up with landlords. Our current landlady, I think she either doesn't know or is ignoring the fact that the place she rented us is in bad shape. There is no fire insulation between floors and the concrete flooring is not sealed, so efflorescence come up through the floors, as does water, likely creating mold. I hear babies respond well to mold. so we're moving, and going to use the residential tenancy act for all it is worth.

I am in schoo, this summer, and kabbing, and working at my regular job. July and August will be busy, but fun I think.

I love life, it is so full. and I love my family, it's so great to be me. honestly. how do I get to live this dream life?


elizabeth said...

enjoyed your thoughts. use that tenancy act!!! and i hope you find a better place!

Callie said...

You should read a bit more about Ghandi... It is widely theorized that the British would have left India no matter what Ghandi did because they were losing money on the whole colonization deal.
Glad you're loving life. Lots of people in your life love you too!