Open House/Health and Wealth


I hate health and wealth gospel. Benny Hinn is a charlatan, a heretic, and a liar. he makes me so mad, I can't believe people like him are allowed to say the name Jesus Christ and not get blasted with holy fire like Elijah's Stone Altar. seriously.
it makes me think that forgiveness is overrated, except when I get self righteous like this I eventually remember that I am an ass too, and I need forgiveness.
I will shortly be stepping down off my high horse.
and this isn't even about orthodoxy. be orthodox, or not, great, just don't ever mistake the gospel for a manual about an easy fun life. Being a christian means signing up for suffering. Martyrdom. not health and wealth. how about poverty and sickness. Jesus said that we will have poverty and sickness, that people will mock us and attack us, but he also gave the sermon on the mount.

man, it really is all about interpretation. I am glad I have my degree in Interpretation, because it helps me to be aware of all of the presuppositions that float through my head, and perhaps one day I will be able to use that to help others see that about themselves, about advertising, and about religious fruitcakes like effing Benny Hinn. oh my axe is a-grinding. seriously, if I could spit fire, my workplace would be ashes.

It's like when people say that the trinity isn't in the Bible. are you KIDDING? did they skip that minor part where Jesus is baptized in the jordan, by St. John and then that minor detail about the Dove, and the VOICE FROM HEAVEN? if that is not the trinity, then Jesus wasn't God and we might as well be JW's.

The Bible is not a code book, nor is it a book of Doctrine, it is History, stories, narratives. man. people just don't get interpretation. and why not? because we haven't been taught that interpretation is something we do ALL THE TIME. we don't read something and immediately grasp the true essence of the matter, we interpret it through our worldview. we see it a certain way depending on what we have been taught.This is how cults exist, they take people who have weak wills, and stick a ramrod of strong weirdness into their interpretive lenses, so that everything is seen through that strong weirdness, which is why it is so hard to 'deprogram' people.


end of rant.


In other news, we love our new house, it is right across the street from the ocean, and the move went well, if it was always like that, I would do it monthly. well, not really. but we got food, beer, and a truck, spent about a hundred bucks, and moved in three hours. THREE HOURS! totally a record, thanks to the guys who helped, many hands made light quick work.

please come join us this and every tuesday for open house, at the end of Lampson st. at munro I think, across from fleming beach. basement. bring a drink or snack.

call for directions.



amanda + daniel said...

sometimes i can't believe that people like ME are allowed to say the name Jesus (and not get blasted with holy fire, or maybe even holy laughter). seriously.

elizabeth said...

Yes. I hear you.

The thing with interpretation is to teach people also this: yes, we see through our own eyes, yes, we interpret through how we believe. BUT this does not lead (as many theorists would like us to believe) to a state where ALL there is interpretation. Our context IS where we see out of yes, but that truth can only be navigated and more over created by an interpretive context is to deny that there is truth beyond our current myriad of contexts.

You are on the same page, from what I can tell, as you believe there is an essence in truth and that there can be interpretations that are better than others.

How to show this to others is the question.

matushkadonna said...

wow, what particularly set you off about Benny Hinn at this particular time? Not that I disagree with a single thing in your rant....

What amazes me is not so much Benny Hinn....it's the scary number of enablers that make the Benny Hinns of the world possible.

matushkadonna said...

p.s. re: slideshow...I think your kid is approaching illegal levels of cuteness....

pasivirta said...

ha, thanks Mat. D!

we agree.

Gabe said...

Dave you're funny. Also I miss you and Laurenn and baby. I planted 3400 trees yesterday. and my feet hurt.