hate it.

we are moving again, it looks like we are moving to Esquimalt, but there is one more place we are going to look at first. we'll see.
its really cool, close to the water (like all of us) and should be quiet. its a ways from uvic, and work, but that's ok.

my lovely son has fallen asleep behind me while his mom naps in the room, I am packing. despite having to move, life really is good. I am glad to be on a peaceful island, and happy to be in school soon.

kabuki kabs is going well, I am enjoying it and making money, so that is good. not fantastic money yet, but still quite good. I am going this afternoon for the one cruise ship of the day, so that should prove decent, as long as the weather co-operates.

I am a fan of Dave Matthews Band, and I know a lot of people think he's just an old guy who is stuck in the frat boy years that he never had, but I really respect and appreciate his struggle with existential issues. I really think he is an existentialist who can write melodies and pick bandmates really well. This latest album seems like it will be back to a slightly more honest form of the band instead of the last few albums which sounded really commercial. anyways, I am excited, and though many criticize, I am comfortable in my fandom. (so comfortable that I have to tell you all about it...right) ah well.

my sister is having a baby this fall, so that is cool. very excited for her and jonny.

not going to camp again this summer, going to be super busy with school, so that is a bummer, but someday soon when I am a teacher I will be all over it.

I sang for my kabuki passengers yesterday and they loved it. gotta practice up. I have forgotten all of my schubert lieder.


elizabeth said...

I hope the move goes smoothly. I have it too!

All the best with school - teachers college? - I think you would be a fantastic teacher...

I have not listened to D. M. in a while but still remember the way he could build the gitar and drums to create a sense of intensity...

matushkadonna said...

...here we have no continuing city...:-)

hope you like your next place, wherever it is.

RW said...

moving is hard.
but you are all together- so it is all good.

Victoria said...

moving does suck, but dmb rocks.
thanks for the playlist.
I've been listening to it all morning.
good stuff.