I think this is the best summary I have, a cultural and interpretive comment to continue my earlier thoughts, though perhaps less caustic and incendiary.

Jesus' life does not imply the American Dream.


being right

you know, even if I am right, and most of the time I am not, it doesn't necessarily behoove me to go on self righteous rants.
the one below is an example. not going to erase it, but I also sent an email to a loved one about something like this, and, well, it was not a display of dispassionateness.

Lord have mercy.


Open House/Health and Wealth


I hate health and wealth gospel. Benny Hinn is a charlatan, a heretic, and a liar. he makes me so mad, I can't believe people like him are allowed to say the name Jesus Christ and not get blasted with holy fire like Elijah's Stone Altar. seriously.
it makes me think that forgiveness is overrated, except when I get self righteous like this I eventually remember that I am an ass too, and I need forgiveness.
I will shortly be stepping down off my high horse.
and this isn't even about orthodoxy. be orthodox, or not, great, just don't ever mistake the gospel for a manual about an easy fun life. Being a christian means signing up for suffering. Martyrdom. not health and wealth. how about poverty and sickness. Jesus said that we will have poverty and sickness, that people will mock us and attack us, but he also gave the sermon on the mount.

man, it really is all about interpretation. I am glad I have my degree in Interpretation, because it helps me to be aware of all of the presuppositions that float through my head, and perhaps one day I will be able to use that to help others see that about themselves, about advertising, and about religious fruitcakes like effing Benny Hinn. oh my axe is a-grinding. seriously, if I could spit fire, my workplace would be ashes.

It's like when people say that the trinity isn't in the Bible. are you KIDDING? did they skip that minor part where Jesus is baptized in the jordan, by St. John and then that minor detail about the Dove, and the VOICE FROM HEAVEN? if that is not the trinity, then Jesus wasn't God and we might as well be JW's.

The Bible is not a code book, nor is it a book of Doctrine, it is History, stories, narratives. man. people just don't get interpretation. and why not? because we haven't been taught that interpretation is something we do ALL THE TIME. we don't read something and immediately grasp the true essence of the matter, we interpret it through our worldview. we see it a certain way depending on what we have been taught.This is how cults exist, they take people who have weak wills, and stick a ramrod of strong weirdness into their interpretive lenses, so that everything is seen through that strong weirdness, which is why it is so hard to 'deprogram' people.


end of rant.


In other news, we love our new house, it is right across the street from the ocean, and the move went well, if it was always like that, I would do it monthly. well, not really. but we got food, beer, and a truck, spent about a hundred bucks, and moved in three hours. THREE HOURS! totally a record, thanks to the guys who helped, many hands made light quick work.

please come join us this and every tuesday for open house, at the end of Lampson st. at munro I think, across from fleming beach. basement. bring a drink or snack.

call for directions.




hate it.

we are moving again, it looks like we are moving to Esquimalt, but there is one more place we are going to look at first. we'll see.
its really cool, close to the water (like all of us) and should be quiet. its a ways from uvic, and work, but that's ok.

my lovely son has fallen asleep behind me while his mom naps in the room, I am packing. despite having to move, life really is good. I am glad to be on a peaceful island, and happy to be in school soon.

kabuki kabs is going well, I am enjoying it and making money, so that is good. not fantastic money yet, but still quite good. I am going this afternoon for the one cruise ship of the day, so that should prove decent, as long as the weather co-operates.

I am a fan of Dave Matthews Band, and I know a lot of people think he's just an old guy who is stuck in the frat boy years that he never had, but I really respect and appreciate his struggle with existential issues. I really think he is an existentialist who can write melodies and pick bandmates really well. This latest album seems like it will be back to a slightly more honest form of the band instead of the last few albums which sounded really commercial. anyways, I am excited, and though many criticize, I am comfortable in my fandom. (so comfortable that I have to tell you all about it...right) ah well.

my sister is having a baby this fall, so that is cool. very excited for her and jonny.

not going to camp again this summer, going to be super busy with school, so that is a bummer, but someday soon when I am a teacher I will be all over it.

I sang for my kabuki passengers yesterday and they loved it. gotta practice up. I have forgotten all of my schubert lieder.



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perhaps this post should say "being beautiful is hard"


those were the days.

visiting Gibsons tomorrow with my family.


the michelin baby.

the michelin baby.
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my cute son.

stuff and things etc


I just discovered the new fluevog cbc shoe, and I want it. I haven't been much of a style guy in the past, but Marriage has a way of changing things.

I finally made some money doing kabuki kabs, so that is cool, it was very encouraging. Some friendly folks from cincinatti let me tour them around old town and chinatown, so that was cool. I am reading a book about victoria so I will know more stuff to talk about. honestly, I think doing a 'tour' is a bit kooky, but if folks want a tour, I will give them one. no problem. that, and victoria is beautiful and maybe you just wouldn't know what to look at otherwise.

I have started to read Ghandi's autobiography. he calls it "The Story of My Experiments With Truth"and it is quite amazing. he was not actually a proponent of non-violence, strictly speaking. His word is Satyagraha, which means 'soul force' or 'love force'. The idea is that instead of using force to stop violence, one would inflict violence on onesself in order to stop violence. not so much like Ed Norton in fight club, but more like Ghandi allowing himself to be attacked or going on a hunger strike, in order that the attacker will recognize the truth of his or her actions. Because the problem with violence is that people delude themselves and pretend that either it isn't violent, or that the person isn't a person, they are an enemy combatant or a fetus. when the person inflicts violence on themselves, it is easier ( I suppose) to see that they are human, which is why this practice worked on the british empire. ok, a large part of this is conjecture because I haven't read much of the book yet, but I am really liking it. Fr. G is heavily influenced by Ghandi and Lanza Del Vasto, and I am also reading 'the sails of the ark'

Ghandi and Fluevog, hand in hand on my blog. John would be proud, and I think Ghandi would enjoy talking to Fluevog, despite disagreeing expensive shoes.

we are moving again, stupid landlords. I am so fed up with landlords. Our current landlady, I think she either doesn't know or is ignoring the fact that the place she rented us is in bad shape. There is no fire insulation between floors and the concrete flooring is not sealed, so efflorescence come up through the floors, as does water, likely creating mold. I hear babies respond well to mold. so we're moving, and going to use the residential tenancy act for all it is worth.

I am in schoo, this summer, and kabbing, and working at my regular job. July and August will be busy, but fun I think.

I love life, it is so full. and I love my family, it's so great to be me. honestly. how do I get to live this dream life?


hockey game

tonight, we are going to Lindsay and John Bell's, come on over! quadra and bay ish.

see you then, hopefully the canucks get it together.

and Q is coming to town!