kabuki kabs, church, moving.

I love it. and I used to not love it. I used to think I was called to be a 'church critic' so that I could help point out faults so that the church could be healthier.

The guy I met who belongs to a church that engages in what they call 'prophecy' eased my old wounds surrounding that language due to his willingness to engage with a) my pain and cynicism and b) my questions. He didn't tell me my worldview was wrong, that I shouldn't ask questions, that I should just trust the church leaders. those things were told to me at one point by a church leader, needless to say I trusted leaders less after that.

I know that orthodoxy is not for everyone, but I really didn't see that until recently, and I really am repentant in the sense that I think differently and wish I had not hurt anyone with my rantings about orthodoxy being the best for everyone. If you are seeking truth, inside and outside yourself, good for you. how can I judge any further, or even that far at all?

All I really want to do is pour a drink at open house, pull up a full crab trap, and be a choir teacher. maybe go biking once in a while.


Yesterday, I rode the pedicab for the first time ever. It was pretty sweet. I didn't make much money, but I don't really care for the first day. I broke even, I had to pay for the cab for the day, and I paid for it. which was my goal. there aren't a lot of tourists around yet, so its not a surprise not to make much money. we'll see. next week should be busier, hopefully more cruise ships come in.

The organization I work with is a bit shady, they make up rules on the fly, its pretty political, and I think pretty subtly cutthroat, so I am going to follow the rules of road, pay my dues, and ignore the rest of it. and if it seems to not be working, at least I will be fit and I can always find another second job to pay for summer school.


we moved. our new place is alright. our neighbours have three children, and they are loud between 7 and 8 am. It makes me wish children didn't exist. but then I wake up and don't hate anymore. also, we live close to Mt. Doug, which is cool.

we'll have a housewarming party soon.


matushkadonna said...

Christ is Risen!

Hey, Dave-- Frederica has an article worth a look called "Why Converts are Obnoxious"


elizabeth said...

enjoyed your post. this post seems so mellow, it almost makes me think you feel sad, though you do not mention sadness.

take good care.

Callie said...


Seriously, I think I am called to be a "critic", where I criticise EVERYTHING to make my life better. I guess I should work on this, eh?

We're looking forward to having you over to watch hockey!

pasivirta said...

us too Callie!