Ezekiel Frank Veli Pasivirta

9lbs. 51 cm.

C-section. (he tried to come out bum first)

no pictures yet, but they are on the way. He's adorable.

He has brown hair, my nose, laurenn's lips, and a large noggin. 37cm around.

Laurenn is at VGH for another day or two. Her mom was a great help, as was our doula Laura and our midwives.

pictures will be here (and flickr) as soon as they are available.

Thanks for your prayers, keep em coming. Baby and Mom are both doing fine.


Victoria said...

that is very cool and very exciting.
all the jordan love goes out to the new pasivirta (and his mum and dad too!)

elizabeth said...

YAYYYYYYYY. big congrads and thank God and wow, your a father and your wife a mother. Glory to God!!!

Can't wait to see a picture!

RW said...

much peace and love to you three