Yoga pt. 3 (or 4?)/Seminary/NT/Ecclesiology

So I have been doing yoga for a little while now, and I like it, but it really is becoming a means to an end. I am getting to know my body again, like when I was treeplanting. But also it is becoming discipline towards silence, though I know that the teacher is not very quiet, depending on who is teaching that day. I do think it will be helpful to create an awareness and desire for silence.

I have been listening to the magnetic fields lately, and I really like "The Book of Love" made famous by Peter Gabriel ( I think )

Currently we are in Limbo, there are a few different things we are waiting for, a couple of possible employment situations which would require moving, which would be bittersweet because we love it here. But the possible options would be good places to be as well. I have slowed my job hunt, but if these opportunities don't happen for whatever reason, that will be okay. My current employment will suffice for now. Especially in that it allows me many hours during the day to spend with my lovely wife. I am working three nights a week, and I sleep at work (I am meant to) so its pretty sweet. I look forward to using my education someday soon too, I mean, I know I do all the time, but I mean in a specific manner to do with employment.

I have often thrown around the idea of going to seminary one day in the future, and I even had a talk with Fr. G who confirmed that it would be a good idea for me to get married and have kids and live for a while before doing that, but that it would be a good idea. I used to take that as a strange affirmation of who I am, a slight ego boost, but now I look at it differently, especially after living through some good experiences in leadership in the church, knowing that my first views of the priesthood were tainted by my sweet rose colored convert glasses which make everything look like stout and smoke (or wine and roses) and I know that things are a little more real now, and wonder if my diminished desire for such a life really matters. is it the desire that matters? I know it still is a long way off, but I still struggle with understanding. I know I love school, so that wouldn't be a problem. And, I just looked into the Greek seminary in Boston which provides a TON of funding, so the costs would be significantly reduced. I have heard it's a little secular, but they have a great NT prof. there in Fr. Theodore Stylianopolous. I have been reading his book on NT Interpretation and Canonization, and its great. Something that totally makes me happy to be orthodox.

I just love being orthodox, and I want everyone else to love being orthodox, it's such a peaceful battle. I mean, It's a fight, but at least its the right fight. Thank God. I am so glad I don't have to try and fix the church.


biss said...

I think that perhaps once the baby comes you might just view a job in which you get some sleep to be a much bigger blessing than you could possibly have imagined.
Or maybe that's just me thinking incomprehensible thoughts because I haven't slept a full uninterrupted 7 hours since, like, maybe last February?

pasivirta said...

no, I think you are right. I kind of orchestrated it so I had overnights.

elizabeth said...

HC (I assume this is the one you mean) can be a good place; my Godmother's sons went there; one is a priest now; one wants to get married and is thus not a priest. my spiritual father did his second MA there some years back, when he already had kids, etc. I gather that a few of the profs there are perhaps not fully perfect but there are good things and good people coming out of it.

i hope (forgive me) that you don't move for a while; new baby and new place sounds like an aweful hard transition/s but may God's will be done and may it be gentle for you and your family...

pasivirta said...

yeah, we would rather not move right away, but we figure moving is better after baby is a month old or more rather than a few weeks. Though my Father in law moved from Victoria to NWT with a three week old baby, by car, 30 or so years ago. So, worse things have been done. we'll see. God knows.

and that is good to hear about HC (yes) we'll see about that too, that would be a long ways off.

elizabeth said...

yeah. one day at a time. I think I am still getting over the trama of moving so many times over the span of a few years that I worry about those doing lots of transitions at once!

God is faithful and will not abandon. good thing.

there are a lot of Antiochians who go to HC and they are a good lot... and we can learn from those who grew up in the faith too, which I think you may find more at HC, though I would have to double check on this. It is the impression I have at this point.

I do know that the chanting and the chapel there that my spiritual father's wife described was beautiful. Byzantine chant done properly is breath-takingly beautiful.

One thing at a time... Getting used to parenting first... and that can only help you for later on. I can see how various of our mutual friends have grown so much by being parents.