tv, silence, snow

I know we have had enough snow, but I wish I was in Van right now, or the valley, I love the snow.

we have had visitors, and it is so nice to see them. I miss silence, I haven't been to yoga since before Christmas, but that is partly logistical. hopefully I can go back soon.

baby is coming soon. oh man. I have been watching TV lately, and I don't know how I feel about it. I wish I could live without internet at home, I wonder if we could. I think if I wasn't job hunting I would. when certainty comes home about that sort of thing, perhaps then we can live without the internet at home. that would be nice. it would help silence to exist.

we'll see.


Simply Victoria said...

oh man. after february, you are not going to have silence in the house for many many many years.

elizabeth said...

hang in there! I am not experienced in it, but I know that the Jesus Prayer is linked to silence.

you and family are very cared for. remember this...