Things have been tough, but more than that, peace is the result, and through that peace, more familial ties which creates strength and unity. Good things are happening despite the fact that we usually need to eat spinach before becoming healthy. It's good.

I haven't read Rene Girard in a while, but I really like his ideas.
I am currently re-reading a book on the new testament canon and how that process shuold influence our reading of the bible. I haven't read the bible on my own in forever, partially because I find that I hear it so much better at church, and so often. I know that doesn't replace personal devotion ( such a loaded word)

Interpretation is such a wild concept, what drives me up the wall is when people think they are reading the bible and not interpreting it, but just putting its didactic instruction into practice. its such an ignorant thing to say "I just read it for what it says" as though the reader isn't interpreting it based on how the see the world. I think that is a sadly foolish assumption, but how can you convince someone of that? maybe that is up to the spirit of Holiness.

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Callie said...

You know, I have never heard anyone try and say that they don't interpret the Bible! I took a course called The Bible As Litterature when I was in high school, and it really helped me to come to a greater depth of understanding when it came to interpreting other litterature. I don't know how people can see the Bible as simply a "Book of Law" when it is just so full of poetry and imagery. That's the wonderful thing about Holy Books... the human experience of the Divine imprints itself in the words. The Bible is a great work of litterature, and truly an instrument of Grace.

(I seem to have written my own blog post!)