400th post


blogging is an interesting thing. I have now posted here 400 times. I started way back at the end of 2005 I think, and I intended it to be a private thing. which is ridiculous, cause its a blog and how long can I keep something like this that cooped up.

Last night I came up with an idea for a facebook application, but I think that facebook can be such a waste of time, I don't know I want to contribute to our wasting of time.

I went to yoga again last night, I got a pass, and I am looking forward to going quite regularly. At least right now when I have a lot of free time during the day, I think its a good way to learn to focus and be disciplined.

sometimes I wonder about the way we all seem to consume activities. Often I do things based on who I am hanging out with, like I used to bike a lot more when I lived in langley. I still love mountain biking, but its much better with G because a) he's fitter and b) there are more places to go.
At yoga, I am doing my best not to make any friends, I kind of think most of the people at yoga are going to be flaky, but don't tell them that. I had a good brief chat with Al at St. Herman's, and he is definitely not flaky. go and read his blog. I will post a link, though its more of a website than a blog. but his writing is good.

my brain is being melted by a terrible kids show from australia.

but back to consuming activities or hobbies. I snowboarded and skateboarded a lot in high school. I read and waxed academic while at university. I live in victoria so I eat less meat and do yoga, catch my own crab and shrimp. At St. Herman's I drank more beer and fasted more, but that also has to do with being married and having a pregnant wife.

I don't have any conclusions at the moment, just observations.

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