36.5 weeks.

In a few days, we will be eligible for a home birth. phew, we are going to have a baby. man, talk about fear and trembling.

and, you know, I have such a great wife, I know that wherever we end up, if we move or not, because I have her around, life will be good. I am so grateful that I have friends around to give me wisdom, who helped me make my decisions in the past, who kept me from making foolish decisions, thank God I managed to wait until I found her. I never believed that there was a 'right' person to marry, and I am a strong believer that there is a point in each of our lives that we are ready to accept the challenge of self knowledge that marriage should bring, and its different for all of us (sorry for the rambling sentence) but I know that she's the one, and that it was the right time. I mean, its not easy, but its not the wrong kind of hard that I see all around me. we have other challenges, but enjoying each other's company isn't one of them. and its so much more than that, but it's good.

I love my wife. and I love being married. we are almost at our 1st anniversary, our baby is due one day before our first anniversary. what's that? didn't wait long you say? well...three months seemed long enough. and goodness, I'm no spring chicken.

life is so bizarre, and it really is a battle. I have never seen such widespread spiritual struggle as I have these last few months, I wonder if it has to do with the direction the church will go with Met. Jonah, or maybe its the BC deanery? who knows, but I do know the shit has really hit the fan. four couples I know are in pretty rough shape all at the same time, not to mention other difficulties that have gone on recently. I caused a rather large Kafuffle, which I am wont to do every few years apparently, I remember something happened a few years back, but I barely remember what. anyways, I am so blessed that through whatever struggles I have to go, I have a beautiful wife who loves and supports me, it is so Godly, this marriage thing.

Lord, have mercy.


Simply Victoria said...

no. you're not a chicken. you're a rooster.
(victoria's deep thought of the day)

Widgetokos said...

that's so funny Vic. I was thinking the same thing!!

Gabe said...

yes, a manly man our dave.