Yoga-pt 2

alright,so many responses require a quick post.
I went again to yoga today, and I enjoyed it again. partly because it is so hard, and partly because it encourages discipline. I don't fear the spiritual aspect because it is without flavour, that is, it is something that will further my orthodox spiritual discipline. It is only form, and completely without content, so the content of it for me is Orthodoxy. For others, I don't know what it would do for ones existence, except possibly make it seem as though one was doing something with spiritual value, which I think might actually be the most dangerous part of the whole thing, or anything. It tricks you into thinking you are doing something.
Remember, Satan is alluring, not ugly. the fact that this is rooted in Indian mysticism isn't what is going to cause trouble.


Simply Victoria said...

hmm. if you were at st.hermans, I would tell you to talk to Al. He was a yoga instructor, and has much to say about christianity and yoga.

"I've begun to write, expressing the journey through Yoga
to Eastern Orthodoxy. I'm not going to try to Christianize,
necessarily, some of the articles from my Yoga days - discerning eyes
will see glimpses of what finally was to be fully realized through
Orthodox Christianity. With great respect and love, Al McGee"

this was a preamble to his website where he writes much about this: http://web.me.com/almcgee.org/AlMcGee.org/Welcome.html

pasivirta said...

canyou send me his email address?

I read his stuff, I can't wait to meet him, I can't believe I have never met him. he must go and speak with Fr. Gregory.

Simply Victoria said...

yes, I can't believe he hasn't met fr.Gregory yet either.
he did go to the monastery in Arizona, but it left him cold (to put it mildly). I tried to tell him there is no monastery and no monks like those found at Gibsons. so hopefully soon.
I'll email you his address.

RW said...

Interesting thoughts.
I took a yoga class and I basically just reinterpreted the "spiritual" part and converted it to language my orthodoxy would relate to ... the jesus prayer -

I remember one of my neighbours who was a baptist was concerned that I was not taking Christian Karate...

lots to explore. thanks for the info about Al - Vic.

Matthew Francis said...

"Christian karate!" : )

That's awesome. The Church where the Winnipeg mission meets used to host "Christian wrestling".

RW said...

OK - you win Christian Wrestling is the bet yet!