It has been an eventful year.

highlights include:

Marrying the most wonderful woman ever.
Finding out we are having a baby
Being the Choir director at my church
a little bit of travelling
studying at UVIC for a semester
catching and eating shrimp and crab at my local park
hiking on the west coast of Van. Isle
Surfing in Tofino
surviving NVP (morning sickness)
reading a blog called 'stuff christians like'
continuing my love affair with flickr and my blog
James and Katherine's wedding

Things I wish I had done

Visited Gibsons more
made it to mexico for our honeymoon
been more organized
caught a salmon

oh, and all is well. Thanks for your prayers.

we may go snowshoeing tomorrow, but the weather says its rather dangerous right now, changing temperatures and all. we'll see.

1 comment:

Callie said...

Oh man! Salmon fishing!
I'm sure you'll catch one next year.