I know that once baby is born, I will be so much MORE tired, but I am tired. I tried to go snowshoeing on monday, but it didn't really work. I mean, we had an epic adventure and there will be pictures on flickr of our awesome trek through the wilderness. I mean. well, the snow was too deep for our sweet little cars to make it up the hill, so we tried to snowshoe up the road a bit, but nothing doing.

I got to spend some time with some good old friends recently, and there is a lot of hard things happening these days, but we encountered some great hospitality in the form of a future monk and the local antiochian priest and his wife, who are wonderful. and Biss and Phil were there, Macrina fell asleep in my arms. she is a lovely little baby.

I finally am realizing how nervous I am that I will be one of two main examples of how to live, and the main example of what it means to be a man of God. lord have mercy. I hate praying for humility, but its been coming in spades in the last month or so. maybe one of these days that will be enough to last a while. not likely.

Happy New Year!



It has been an eventful year.

highlights include:

Marrying the most wonderful woman ever.
Finding out we are having a baby
Being the Choir director at my church
a little bit of travelling
studying at UVIC for a semester
catching and eating shrimp and crab at my local park
hiking on the west coast of Van. Isle
Surfing in Tofino
surviving NVP (morning sickness)
reading a blog called 'stuff christians like'
continuing my love affair with flickr and my blog
James and Katherine's wedding

Things I wish I had done

Visited Gibsons more
made it to mexico for our honeymoon
been more organized
caught a salmon

oh, and all is well. Thanks for your prayers.

we may go snowshoeing tomorrow, but the weather says its rather dangerous right now, changing temperatures and all. we'll see.


less than beautiful, slightly more hard

Chalk one up for being is hard. I am choking on my knees.


Yoga-pt 2

alright,so many responses require a quick post.
I went again to yoga today, and I enjoyed it again. partly because it is so hard, and partly because it encourages discipline. I don't fear the spiritual aspect because it is without flavour, that is, it is something that will further my orthodox spiritual discipline. It is only form, and completely without content, so the content of it for me is Orthodoxy. For others, I don't know what it would do for ones existence, except possibly make it seem as though one was doing something with spiritual value, which I think might actually be the most dangerous part of the whole thing, or anything. It tricks you into thinking you are doing something.
Remember, Satan is alluring, not ugly. the fact that this is rooted in Indian mysticism isn't what is going to cause trouble.


Interpretation and Hot Yoga

I can't remember the last time I talked about this, perhaps as recently as last post. but I simply have to get my thoughts out there, and thoughts that may be read are more likely to be coherent and logical. no guarantees though.

Orthodox Christians have a particular interpretive lens which shapes their scope of the world. we understand things a certain way because we are Orthodox christians. Protestant christians have a particular worldview, as do Roman Catholic christians.

Great. we all have particular things we disagree about. but at least we have in common that we understand and acknowledge that we all have a very particularworldview, and that it is through that worldview that we come to understand the bible, history, church fathers, faith, the church, saints, eucharist, meals, alcohol(only one H?), friendship, marriage, cars, hockey, competition, sin, photography, art, music, commerce, finance, politics, etc etc. What really grinds my gears is Christian people who say to me "we are just reading the bible and doing what it says" as though there was not a particular interpretive lens at work, but rather pure knowledge without form was being transmitted to the souls of disembodied believers who then do exactly what God intended when he grabbed the apostle Paul's hand and held it while Paul scrawled out letters, just like in HEROES when they look into the future and their eyes go white and they are in a trance. St. Paul was the first practitioner of Christian Transcendental Meditation, he was meditating on the transcendence of God and then woke and found he had written half of the new testament. how to disseminate it? another time. ANYWAYS. please, just acknowledge your sources of interpretive bias. honestly. If pentecostals and vineyard and Benny effing Hinn are all reading the bible without interpreting it, then why do you all disagree so severely, and still end up on the same side of the spectrum of historical interpretation?

I went to hot yoga today, and it is a very interesting experience. This is the other reason I must write this down. I think it will help me to be more focused and disciplined, which will make me a better person, and, Lord have mercy, a better Father. For a second I felt like I was cramming, "OH! I have an exam coming! (baby) I better go and...be a good person (become disciplined)"
but then after that second passed, I continued to enjoy the really intense workout that really did require and I think build focus. It's kind of like singing in a choir, rather directing a choir, because there are SO many different aspects of each pose to focus on, let alone remembering to breath when your lungs and diaphragm are all so crunched up. but it surely is an endorphin junkie's happy place. as long as the pseudo spirituality doesn't get you all up in arms, I think it can be a good practice, especially during the fast. it is snowing out. Its been trying to for a while, but the rain has been winning. anyways, Yoga has spiritual aspects, but everything has spiritual aspects unless you are a gnostic, so, relax. I think the key is when they start talking about focusing, and not letting things come to mind, interpret that in a christian manner. Okay, no logismoi. focus. okay. Jesus prayer. stretch, twist, pain, my body isn't really meant for this, is it? harder, breathe, stretch, okay, relax, listen to some crazy sanskrit words that make it all eastern mystic-ish, whatever. It's good. I have a two week unlimited pass, and I am going again tomorrow. It's all about interpretation. remember that that is what we do, we interpret, and we teach our kids to interpret. clean your interpretive lens. go to church. do prostrations, they are the first of the Christian Yoga moves.