There is change in the air, Barack Obama is the next president of the US, and the world seems hopeful.

What I want to know is how should orthodox christians vote? I see abortion as an issue that points to the rest of your worldview, so we can't possibly support abortion as a morally acceptable practice, with the possible exception of it being a lifesaving situation, even that I don't understand and don't want to comment on.
However, Obama supports late term abortion ( I think ) and that is absolutely brutal. But he seems to have a lot of other seemingly Christian policies, financial, foreign, political, etc.

What I want to know is why is there no consistency of worldview? why does the left support the poor, as Christ would, and care the planet, as Christ would, and abort babies? It seems so strange.

I don' think there is an answer, but I don't get it.

In other news, I have been recording a lot of music lately for Choir practices, and its been going well. We had the greatest Choir day ever the other day, it made me so happy to be the director.

I find myself to be very busy these days, between school, church, and everything else, there aren't many evenings free. one in fact.

I wrote a paper letter and its in the mail today. I haven't been to visit Gibsons in SO long. I miss those guys immensely, and I need to get there for a visit before they have their new addition. So I wrote a letter. A paper letter. I think this digital age is changing our value systems, specifically to do with information and the written word. It is not actually going to change what we value, but how we decide what is valuable. Publishing is so easy now, how do we decipher what is good, when preservation is so widely available. And, oh, imagine all of the annoying people who are going to be given PhD's 200 years from now because of their research on the beginning of the digital revolution? They will spend hours pouring through email accounts that belonged to people who died and never got purged (somehow) I wonder what happens to an email account when the owner dies. or a blog for that matter?


elizabeth said...

take good care dave. it is a challenge to have a full life.

Widgetokos said...

I know how you feel about the Obama thing. One thing I'm glad about is that the Conservative party of Canada doesn't have a policy even though most of them are pro-life--they aren't making it an issue which is I think how it needs to be right now.

I think a lot of important world changes need to happen from the ground up and that includes abortion. Before laws can change women must change-- when it comes to abortion. And I think that change is already happening.

I found it very difficult to feel glad about Obama's election to the presidency because even though I think he will change a lot of things for the better--or at least he says he will--he also wants to change things for the worse when it comes to abortion. He not only plans to make it legal at any stage of pregnancy and available in all states--regardless of how the locals feel--but he also plans to remove all federal funding from pro-life charitable organizations like the crisis pregnancy centers.

This is not only an aggressive move against those who are prolife but it's also hypocritical and actually makes real choices for women who are unhappily pregnant impossible. If a woman is unhappy with her pregnancy she will only have one sympathetic ear to turn to-- that of the abortion doctor.

I don't mind politicians being pro-choice so long as they don't DO anything about it--or at so long as they plan to allow both points of view on the subject to be available to women.

Obama plans to hurt women by censoring their information about abortion and effectively leaving them with support for only one choice. It makes me feel rather skeptical about just how good he'll be for America after all.

Having said that as a black American, I imagine this is a particularly big issue for him since unwanted pregnancies tend to be higher in the black population and I wonder if maybe he really is trying to help people-- however wrong and misguided his ideas are.

Джосина Ксения said...

I hate to open that nasty can of worms known as the war in Iraq... How can one say they are anti-abortionist but not anti-war. War kills children. I don't see how pro-war Republicans can be such staunch anti-abortionists. Its seems totally contradictory to me. Its that old "not in my backyard" attitude. Recriminalizing abortion isn't going to change the fact that it is going to happen. If everyone agreed on the issue it wouldn't be an issue. Widgetokos is right that the change has to happen from the ground up, not by government legislation. Until that point I think its necessary that safe medical care be available.

Yep, I would've voted for Barack if I could have.

biss said...

I'm so tired of hearing the pro-abortion side being called "pro-choice." Personally, I'm all for women having the "freedom to choose."
Choose whether or not to have sex, and then stick with the consequences. We have got to stop using euphamistic terms that really aren't accurate and only serve to paint the pro-life side black.
If you want to give women choice, educate them. Help them figure out their cycles. Enable them to choose chastity without shame. Stop advertising sex as the way to gain prestige and recognition, and, for goodness' sake, let them love their bodies. Then they'll be free to make a real choice.