spinto band/love/axios

So I found a cool band all on my own. check them out. they have the most amazing videos.


I was talking to Fr. G the other day, it was great. we talked on the phone cause I haven't been able to get over there, and he reminded me of things I know, but forget. I find it important to remember that when we feel like we need to be loved, the way to kill that passion is to love others because it creates love and denies the selfish side of that ego based lie, because we really are loved by God, and it takes our trusting in something that we can't feel and ACTING on that trust to create love and live in it. So there. Go and love someone when you are feeling like someone should be loving you. Let me be clear, I know how loved I am in so many ways, but its something that I am happy to be reminded of and to bring to your attention, whomever you may be. anywhoo. there you have it. it's like prayer, practice praying and eventually you will be praying for real. Or practice loving, or being a christian, or whatever, and then one day, you realize that you own the doing of it so that it is where you find your identity, in a good way.
Victoria did some work on her template, and it looks good. go check it out.

Eis Polla Eti Dhespota Met. Jonah! Axios!


elizabeth said...

yeah; it takes a long time for us to learn these things; i can relate for sure!

Simply Victoria said...

good words. Fr.G is a wise counselor. words I need to hear more often.
I will check out that band. then go to work. say hi to your beautiful wife for me. hope everything is going great for you two.

Callie said...

They are a good band.
Also, I am sending you and Laurenn love today, but only so that I can sublimate my own need for love ;)