part one, second time.

SO last time, I think it was fine, but poorly organized, so I am going to start off with a skeleton, and work my way into it over time.

1. Trust.
2. Proper Breathing.
3. Awareness of Body: Including
-vowel shape
-rib cage placement
-space inside mouth
-resonating chambers inside head-sinus cavities
-tension and its effect on the body ergo the voice
4. Listening louder than you sing
5. Vowel shape and its affect on tuning with other singers.
6. Learning music -Aural or Visual?
7. Meaning of text matching the shape and meaning of the phrase, and the piece.
8. context of the piece in the liturgy
9. Liturgical considerations for variation of settings/arrangements.
10. Ability for the congregation to sing along, size of choir, choristers being booted to the congregation to beef up the sound of the body as a whole.

Now, this is not a comprehensive list, I am sure there are more things to think about, but I am thinking out loud here. If there are any categories I have left out, please let me know. Then I will more systematically address each of these issues, and perhaps have a little pamphlet to put together.

Gabe is going to be here this weekend, so that is going to be good. I look forward to seeing him. Life is so weird, with all of its changes, and seasons. People I used to live with, like Gabe, I rarely see. but that is partly due to the water being wide. ah well.

we were at Galiano Island this week, and during the week the gulf Islands sure are dead. it was SOOOO quiet, which was nice. but even the nice restaurants were all closed, which was a bummer. but we still enjoyed ourselves.

I am so excited to meet our baby, I can't wait. It's going to be so much fun. and so crazy hard no doubt.

oh, and Pray for Konrad, apparently he hurt himself in an accident. I don't know much more than that.


elizabeth said...

enjoyed your post again :) happy about your baby... may God and His Angels protect you all!

Mat Donna just posted about Konrad who you mentioned...

Simply Victoria said...

I am excited to meet your baby too.

Anonymous said...

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matushkadonna said...

AH!! Spammers have hit your comments page, Dave! Guess they must have picked up on your Gulf Islands mention.