This is the first of a few open letters to musicians I like.

Dear Greg Graffin,

I have spent much time listening to your music, and I love the way it calls the powers of our nations to account for the things they do that are less than moral. I love your critique of hypocrisy in institutions because of its powerful form and accurate content. I loved being in the mosh pit hearing 21st Century Digital Boy, and I love that I am posting this on a blog.
I think that you believe so many of the same things about the world that I do, that freedom is a part of life, not merely a right, but something so fundamental that it should be taken for granted. That there is such a thing as right and wrong, and injustice should cease. That this planet is valuable and should be taken care of. That those in positions of power who abuse and take advantage of vulnerable people should be judged harshly.
I take issue with your narrow view of Christianity though, because I think you are tainted by the vocal right wing american version of the church. I must say that as a Christian, I identify (shudder) in a way with them, in that they claim to be followers of Christ. I think if you were to look at certain followers of Christ, like Ghandi, you would find a different way of reading and being that makes a lot of sense. I suspect you agree with Bill Maher in some ways, though not in such a vitriolic fashion, that Faith is a foolish construct. I suggest that reason requires just as much faith as an epistemological foundation as faith, when you really get down to it. Even Descartes had to take on faith his assumptions about being. I see being as a relationally believable situation. We exist because we are in relationship with other beings, and finally and fundamentally, we exist with, for and before the one who created us. It takes the same type of faith to trust in scientific facts that you can't engage with through sense data other than words, as it does to believe in 'myth' that comes to us in the form of words, and is lived out in community with others. Can you really deny the existence of love, or tell me that its existence is a result of evolution? do animals love and if so, does it help them survive? what about music? you are a professional political musician, and music should have died long ago, according to its lack of evolutionary purpose.
You may think you don't have faith, that your knowledge is purely based on reason and rationalist thought, but if you are honest with yourself, you will find that you use a faculty called trust in the same way I do, but you trust in hypotheses made by men about things they didn't create and can't see. I didn't create anything, but I can see love, and that's enough for me to continue to have faith in its reality.

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