Hospitals, Doctors, Midwives....

If you go to a hospital, its because there is something wrong, and you have to get it fixed, or at the very least, stop feeling the pain.
Childbirth, then, must get lumped into that category by those who work in hospitals because I doubt that they are trying to change their approach to the problems that walk in the door based on the nature of the problems. I imagine it would be hard to change your approach when your training is all about problem solving. I have a good friend who is a Doctor and his wife is a nurse, and I know they do a great job, but (and I have yet to ask him) I think it too is a problem to be solved.
So, the difference (gross generalization here) between a Doctor and a Midwife is that the midwife is seeing the birth as a good and natural thing, and the Doctor sees it as one of many problems that he has to solve during that shift. I am so thankful for Doctors, they do wonderful things, but I think it is the worldview difference that becomes obvious in the way the situation is treated. Pregnancy and Childbirth are not problems, even if they are problematic.

Did I mention how excited I am to have a baby! Matthew and Mira had their baby last night, and the pictures on facebook are great, Joshua is SO cute. he looks like a cute muppet cross of Matthew and Mira. honestly. very cute.

Its cold and cloudy. Sufjan Stevens Christmas music is playing, and I am still hanging in the balance. That is okay though, I don't mind waiting.
I do absolutely love being the choir director, we had such a great practice the other day, it was so fun and effective. The Christmas music is so beautiful. And I love the word Megalynarion. honestly!

I think maybe its time for a fire in the fireplace. I haven't been shrimping lately, I lost my gloves and its cold out, so I am hiding inside until I find them or really get desperate for some shrimp. Or until G and R come and visit, which is going to be fun. I am very excited to see them, its been a while. The girls get to be pregnant and go shopping together, and G and I will go biking and exhaust ourselves because we are out of shape, though I think I win in that category. my back still hurts from surfing in Tofino.

we will be at St. H's on sunday because we are having supper with the in-laws, its F's Birthday, and its going to be a fun bash. L's brother is coming from AB, so that will be cool. I am having fun with all of these abbreviations.

have you heard the Sufjan Stevens Christmas albums? They are so great, especially the songs he has written about his sad childhood. man, they are funny and sad. what a guy.


elizabeth said...

hope your back gets better soon. so WONDERFUL that you are doing well... :)

Simply Victoria said...

hey! thanks for the birth announcement! we hadn't heard anything, so when I read your blog I was delighted to hear the news!

I had a doctor who was more diligent and caring than any midwife I have ever met (I should mention that I haven't met many :)

She's catholic, and sadly, retired from being a doctor after her sixth child. *sigh* ah well. she helped me birth all three of my babies and she was wonderful. being a mother herself, I think, and being a woman of faith, gave her valuable insight into pregnancy not as an ailment to be 'cured', but as a miraculous phenomenon to be shared with your patient. I am so grateful for her.

RW said...

Interesting thoughts.
I have relatives in the medical field and yes, they do have a profoundly different take on birth and how it impacts the woman. I kind of float in between. I get the fact that woman have been having children forever and it is a natural process - but, I also know the impact pregnancy has on the body and there are sometimes risks involved... I really think each person needs to find their own way and where their comfort level lies.

pasivirta said...

Yeah, I know there are great Doctors out there who will be wonderful and see it as normal, as well as balance the possible risks, because thank God for all of the life saving things they can do now, we have friends who would have died if we lived 100 years ago. I am grateful for those Doctors for sure. I was more referring to a general idea.

and yes, there are some super cute pics on FB of the new baby.

RW said...

Which Christmas album would you recommend first?

pasivirta said...

Definetely the whole Sufjan Christmas Collection, its called 'Songs for Christmas' and it comes on five CD EP's. but especially his new songs are SO good. the Christmas ones he wrote, like "did I make you cry on christmas day?"


'that was the worst christmas ever'


'Hey Guys! It’s Christmas Time!'

that one might be my favourite.

these are all sufjan stevens christmas songs.
good times.

Widgetokos said...

Hey I can't wait to see you guys either!

Personally I fear doctors. My experience of doctors has been crap as long as I can recall, from the guy who reassured me that it wouldn't hurt at all when he stuck dry ice on my plantar wart to the guy who saw a haze on my cornea and asked if anyone in my family had funny eyes-- with no elaboration. Most of them couldn't speak English to save their lives or just flat out ignored what I was telling them. So I'm pretty disillusioned about doctors. I know good ones exist but they're not easy to find and are usually so busy that you really have to look hard-- not something you have time for when you're pregnant.

I also feel nervous about medication. I wait until I'm half-blind with pain before I take a Tylenol, so I was reluctant to go with a doctor over a midwife because I wanted someone who shared my more holistic views about drugs.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think people who choose doctors are doing the wrong thing at all. Just for me I knew I needed to choose someone who shared my views on drugs and medical intervention because I didn't want to feel pressured to use them when they scared me more than the pain of childbirth did. I would rather endure all kinds of pain than be hooked up to a catheter and have needle shoved in my spine. It's not because I'm brave-- I'm just as freaked as any other woman in labour might be. I'm just more afraid of the cure than the pain.

Plenty of women feel more in control of their births, more confident, more at ease if there is a doctor there and drugs are available. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. Certainly people tend to use drugs gratuitously these days for all kinds of maladies that could be better helped with a proper diet and exercise. And women are oddly poorly educated about their reproductive health and it's not just doctors who act as though birth is some horrible life threatening illness. We have feminism to thank for that I think.

But when it comes to giving birth no woman should really have to get over her hang ups about using or not using drugs or doctors. That won't help her relax and focus on what she needs to do--which is get this damn thing out!!

I think a lot of women are pressured in both directions which is quite unfair. There's the hippie-granola crowd making the woman who chooses a doctor feel guilty for her discomfort with the idea of using a midwife and not having drugs available to her. And there's the doctors-know-best crowd who look at women who choose midwives as reckless, selfish hippies who are being irresponsible by not seeking proper care.(I came across plenty of those).

The best thing people can do is just butt out and let women choose what they're comfortable with.