Dear Dave (Matthews)

Honestly, when I first heard your music, I wasn't that impressed. I remember two times listening to the radio when I was about 13, hearing "what would you say" and thinking about how cool it was that there were a bunch of men shout-singing a chorus, it was such a good acknowledgement of masculinity. but that was about it for that song, and then I heard Crash, which was nice sounding, but all I remember is the 'I'm the king of the castle' line. Which, I thought was clever.
anyways, your music is a struggle between a celebration of life, your obvious anger with God and a desire to not believe in Him, despite your deep appreciation for being alive and the reality of Love. There is such beauty in that kind of a struggle, as is evident in much of your music. Many people say you are a cheeseball, especially when you are performing live, but I get it. I mean, I communicate so often and so have had the practice, but I hear the clarity of meaning coming through your music, and the fog with which you speak when you try to use your words. No wonder you have to write music. anyways, It's beautiful.
But listen, the God whom you are so angry with and have been hurt by isn't actually God, its people who have done terrible things in God's name. And, the the material things you enjoy so much have been created by God and are good. Its true. The rules that many american Christians would have you follow in order to restrict your freedom are not the same as living life fully and giving thanks for the beauty that has been created for us to revel in. When we truly are thankful for all we have been given, we will begin to understand the right place for all things in God's creation. I think that appreciation will lead to a proper use of all of the gifts of the world, where we don't have to be controlled by anything, and we can give thanks for everything. And the thing is, I see that thankfulness in your music, celebrate we will, cause life is sweet for certain. It is. So often you have clearly expressed the ideal of certain aspects of life in ways that cannot be properly grasped except through music because it occurs in time and with other people. Its temporal aspect is the acknowledgement of our humanity, our mortality. And, it is that mortality that creates or leads us to beauty, to choose one thing and not the other.
Don't believe the hype, you already know that God loves you, you just have to go and ask Bob Dylan where to hang out on sundays.


Simply Victoria said...

dave matthews is what I would call a 'thoughtful heathen'.

word verification: angled.


Callie said...

Dave Matthews reminds me of another seeker... Cat Stevens. He spent his whole youth trying all kinds of different religions and belief systems. I certainly hope he has found peace as Yusuf Islam.

Callie said...

P.S. The thought of Dave Matthews and Bob Dylan together boggles my mind... NOBODY would understand the lyrics!
Also, have you seen the celebrity Jeopardy with "Dave Matthews"?