choral manifesto pt 1

I believe quite a few things about music, and choral music particularly.

First, the most important part of a choir is the trust built over time between the members, and between the members and their director.
If this trust is there in even the smallest amount at the beginning, and grows at whatever pace, over time, any issue that is musical or extra-musical can be worked on because there is an atmosphere of trust between the singers and each other, and between the director and the singers.
Tension in the body is one of the largest contributors to singing incorrectly, either with regard to the diaphragm apparatus or with regard to the shaping of the vowel. Tension can manifest itself as poor posture, which will result in singing out of tune.
It can also manifest itself as poor vowel shaping. If you carry your tension in your jaw, it will make you shape your vowels in a locked manner, so that you don't allow the sound to reverberate through the back of your throat and out through a nicely shaped resonating chamber, ie, your mouth.

So, if you can create a trusting environment between all members of the group, you can begin to eliminate tension, and begin to think about these details that will allow for better singing.

After this first step, begin to think about the blend of the group. this can be adjusted by moving singers around to stand next to different singers, which will change the sound they are used to hearing. It will also help the singers become more independent.

I think what I am trying to say is that the most important aspect of music isn't the music, but the people.

this is the first in a series of attempts to put these thoughts together coherently.


elizabeth said...


I really liked this. Now if managers could be like this, wow, the world may be a bit different...

Wishing you everything good...

matushkadonna said...

very good start, waiting for part two!