I have been reading, and I realize that I am going to have a son. I can't fathom how much this will teach me, how I will be humbled and how I will become so much more than I am.
Laurenn is 25 weeks I think, there are pictures on FB. but I so often don't think of the reality that is the baby boy inside her. Its different, and I don't know what makes me say it differently, but sometimes its Lord have mercy on our unborn boy, and sometimes its Lord have mercy on our unborn child. There's a difference between a boy and a child, boys are rambunctious, find their value in their father's opinion of them far to easily, and no doubt he will show me my weaknesses.
My Dad was good to me in many ways, but like all of us, he has his faults. I too will leave good and bad marks on the soul of my son, but gosh I want him to grow up and be a better man than I ever will be. God grant, and if so, that I will accept such a thing. My pride wouldn't like that.

Things are on the move these days. Dan is going to Gibsons at pascha. I am in school, but I am always applying for government positions, I think one of these days it may pay off. whether or not it is in Victoria, who knows.

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