well, there's a lot happening, so maybe it behooves me to write a little more. encouragement notwithstanding.

I had great tacos with Steve this morning, so that was nice.
I am back in school, studying music education at UVIC. I am the choir director at my church, and I remember now how much I love music and being a director. I love managing people, it is hard, but so rewarding, especially when people make progress, I can almost see people's souls clamoring for tough love. Nobody in our culture tells people the truth. "you are making a mistake, stop it and life will be better" that is my goal in life. help people stop making mistakes.
speaking of Goals, I am going to be a father. Laurenn is pregnant.

In case you haven't read for a while, if you used to follow, and are unaware, here is a brief update.
Married, 02 02 08. Baby coming Feb 1 2009. Living in Victoria, directing choir at All Saints Orthodox Church in Victoria. New Tattoo last december. less cloves and hookah since Laurenn is pregnant. Working with a young person with Autism and in school full time to be a teacher.

I also may (MAY) end up in Edmonton, but we won't know for a while I think. right now, I am planning to be here in Victoria, to finish school and become a teacher.
I love life, its hard from time to time, in fact more often lately it is really beautiful and really intense.
Laurenn was sick for four months, to the point of puking every 45 minutes all night, that was fun. oh man.

I have not been able to visit the monks for a long time now, getting there from Victoria is an ordeal. I could drive to Prince George from Vancouver in the amount of time it takes to get there from Victoria, even though it is only about 50km across the water. I need a boat. I wish so bad I had a boat, I have been crabbing and I will go fishing next week, which is also exciting.

I love living here, but I wish I could catch more fish, and Laurenn doesn't love fish either. Oh man. so many good topics to discuss.

Forthcoming, you can expect blogs on the following subjects.

Orthodox music Byzantine (2 part) vs Slavic (4 Part)
Pop music in the music classroom
confrontation and canadian politeness
to eat meat or not to eat meat
to eat carbs or not to eat carbs
violence, competition and pride
amateur vs professional

inane TV shows like the unit. oh man. shamefully admitted.


relationships. marriage. friendship. love. babies.


hiking. camping.


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James Moes said...

I thought your blog was titled Being beautiful is hard. Which would be appropriate for you.